The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


WTF Rose…

Looks like she’s putting a curse on her ffs :joy:


Left kick, cemetery.


Damn great win for Namajunas. These bitches kray.


I can’t believe it





Garbrandt is such a cocky fuck. Pls get ktfo.

Edit: yess




Boom GSP. What a legend


Great night tbh. The three punks of the build up put down by picture perfect left hooks. Three new champions. MMA’s on a roll.


UFC Fight Night 127 moved to England, and Darren Till will fight “Wonderboy”.


Gotta give credit to Wonderboy for accepting that fight, Darren Till is very dangerous and way below him on the rankings.


He’s only six ranks below (2v8) after he beat Cerrone. So not a huge gap at all.



Nate Vs Woodley is been negotiated

according to some tweeter MMA analysts.


That’s quite sad to see tbh, Bisping just got brutally retired.


Amazing card but it’s gonna be a real struggle. Tired AF and coffee doesn’t do shit for me.


Crazy fight!


Fam that is the most vicious KO I’ve ever seen holy fucking shit


Overeem is one of the most accomplished strikers in combat sport history and he wanted nothing to do with Ngannou standing up.

Someone needs to ask Jon Jones if he’s still interested in going to heavyweight :joy: