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Yeah but if Max keeps driving the way he does, even if the Red Bull Honda combo doesn’t win him the title in the next few seasons, there’s no way Mercedes would pass on the opportunity to have him in the team.

You think he’s only just turned 21 and he’s won 5 races and clearly outperformed Ricciardo this year after a tricky first few rounds. He will surely win a title eventually, it’ll be now a matter of when. If he ever gets a dominant car, god help the rest of the field.


Congratulations to Lewis on winning the title. He was quite simply magnificent. A true champion, showed his class and showed the world he is definitely the best driver our there at the moment. Am not a fan of his but you cannot deny the man’s brilliance. I just hope he has stiffer competition next season, hopefully from a Ferrari driver.


Really enjoyed this season. Vettel and Hamilton were close for the majority, but Hamilton did the business when needed.

Didn’t realise how many crucial moments involved Seb and Max during the season. This is a nice summary of how Hamilton won his 5th title.


Max hates Ferrari, while he has always been nice with Mercedes. He barely hits them.






…not gonna comment on it.


but you already have :henry2:


What’s gonna be interesting for the future is this new “relationship” between Indycar and F1. If Alonso is racing next season full time, and Ericcson already has a ride, we’ll see how these guys stack up against indy drivers. I’d like to see a guy like Josef Newgarden get an opportunity in F1 someday.


Team mate faces combined :joy:

Hamilttas :joy::joy:


Vettonen so cool :kos2:


It’s gonna rain soon in Brazil.
It’s raining now.
Q1: Verstappen, Raikkonen, Vettel e Hamilton.
Only 1 lap before it’s gonna rain badly.
Q2: Bottas, Vettel, Hamilton and Verstappen.
Toto celebrating like a cunt for this pole lol! Gonna be a good race tomorrow though.


Seb :facepalm:


While the cunt almost killed a William driver and nothing. Fuck off.


I don’t support him. Lewis should get a penalty too.

Ferrari pay Vettel $40 million a year to break scales, evidently.

What a strange comical error.

Leclerc doesn’t even have to be as fast to have this guy for breakfast next year, just has to be sensible.


Bottas overtakes Vettel at the start.
Great overtake from Verstappen on Raikkonen.
WOW! Verstappen overtakes Vettel as well.
Raikkonen above Vettel!
Verstappen is 2nd.
Bottas struggling with his tyres. Raikkonen is about to overtake him now.
Bottas is keeping everyone at the bay lol!
Bottas pits.
Hamilton pitting as well.
Vettel having another mare today.
Vettel pitting to change his strategy. He is 8th now.
Raikkonen and Vettel swap positions. It’s the right thing to do, as Raikkonen is clearly faster today.
Verstappen overtakes Hamilton to go 2th.
Verstappen lol! Cocking up when it matters.
Edit: it’s Ocon’s fault! This is an utter pathetic move!
Ricciardo with a superb overtake on Vettel!
Another pit for Vettel. What a nightmare for him today.
Hamilton wins on Verstappen and Raikkonen. Mercedes wins Constructors’ World Championship.


:fire: :fire:


He was right for once. Ocon got paid by Toto for that move.


I didn’t watch the race but isn’t Verstappen a bit of a hypocrite? Max is usually the one doing stupid shit and causing accidents, rich that he’d try to fight someone after he’s on the other side no?


Incredible race. The top 3 teams have been so tightly matched in recent races. It’s made for some really good action.

Think that’s the first time where Max has had a race he should’ve won but bad luck befell him. Have to say I was proper surprised Ocon tried to unlap himself in the manner he did. OK he might’ve felt he was quicker than Max in that moment but you really don’t try to unlap yourself in a corner like that, so that was a pretty stupid mistake from someone like Ocon, who usually is a clean driver.

Good race from Kimi, another podium on what’s been a really great season for him and got a decent gap in his battle for 3rd, between himself, Bottas and Max. If he can avoid trouble in Abu Dhabi, he should hopefully get that 3rd overall. Curious day for Vettel, who didn’t have any pace at all.

Nice job as well by Danny Ric, Red Bulls had tremendous pace today. Also another good job by Leclerc in the Sauber.


Red Bulls are punching and thats great to see, we need them in the mix next year. Hope that Honda engine delivers.

I love Max though. He’s just a pure racer.

Kimi here lowkey loved it: