The Official Formula One thread


You Lewis fanboys are the worst. That’s the reason why i hate him.


Can’t wait till we’re all friends when he joins the reds @Midfield_Maestro @Luca_from_Italy


You have to feel it’s within Lewis grasp to win this title now. This was meant to be a Ferrari weekend and that pole lap from Lewis, as well as winning todays race, looked like it might’ve broken Vettel’s spirit.

Lewis is just a machine. Unless he retires from a race and Seb has a flawless end, it’s gonna be another year without a title for Ferrari.

Race was a pretty forgetful one. Only Perez and Sirotken were the only drivers who liven things up with that battle. Perez certainly went all Maldonado today what with hitting his team mate as well :facepalm:

I wish I could say the next race will be better, but then it’s Sochi, which produced zero on track passes last year :grimacing:


Tbh I’m not a Hamilton fanboy. His personality is a bit fake and he’s not an endearing character at all. But I love his race craft and his hunger which for me is unrivalled on the grid.


At this point i will have to support the fucker fucking cunt.

Shame we support the same club because he is a fucking fucker cunt.


Fuck off Hamilton, truly fuck off! That’s it.

Take that, Seb! Hamilton wins in Singapore with Vettel only third to extend his huge championship lead over rival to 40 points

The Daily Fail at it again :xhaka:. Suck my balls!

@Electrifying @Midfield_Maestro

Hope to see it again.