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Read Toto’s words. Unbelievable stuff from a cocky austrian. FUCK OFF COCKY CUNT!


Far too much to read and catch up with, but anyways. In short, so far this season has been really good. Some memorable races and it’s great to see the top three teams so closely matched. Ferrari have a real chance this season, provided they don’t go all Arsenal and bottle the end of season up, Will Kimi stay at Ferrari? Right now probably unlikely what with young Leclerc doing super well, but by all accounts Kimi’s having a decent season with 6 podiums and in P3, so it’s hardly like he’s failing.

My only other hope really is to see the other teams catch up, the gulf between the top and the rest is far too big and ruins the chances of a smaller team doing well.

Oh and lastly, Williams and Mclaren are an absolute mess, but then that’s no surprise.


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Just saw this on a mother forum I frequent and thought it might be of interest to some.

It’s a lamborghini V12 engined Minardi. I don’t doubt for a minute it’s probably a lot slower than the current crop of tech ridden F1 cars, but I’d give all that speed up for a return to days like this, for me the theatrics in noise that surrounded the V12 and V10 engines, some of my best memories are watching the F1 with my dad and hearing these roar on TV through the streets of Monaco on a Sunday afternoon whilst mum is making the roast dinner.

Has anyone seen the 6 part docu series on Amazon Prime TV, following McLaren Honda for a season? Its a very good look into what goes behind the scenes. Whilst I’m not hugely into F1 as much as I used to be, I’m a huge fan of engines and how they work so I do like the technology and how it eventually filters down to road cars.


I’ve got Prime. Will need to check this out!


No doubt about it mate, nothing beats the old V10s/V12 era of sound, my god they were something else. Thankfully there’s so many clips around on Youtube that have videos on all the raw sounds. That is one thing that is definately noticeable when you go to a track is the lack of noise or rawness. Not quite the same.

I watched the Amazon documentary a few months back, It was pretty good. It certainly lifts the lid on why the team is such a mess now. Zak Brown, as decent guy as he tries to be, just doesn’t really have enough of a clue to run the team imo. I think he appeases to Fernando Alonso too much. Sure, we know the guy is a good driver but I think it’s been determental to the overall health of the team. Some might argue this season alone Alonso’s efforts are keeping the team aloft, but I’d also argue if they actually supoorted both drivers properly, instead of Alonso all the time, then Vandoorme might do a lot better.

In any case, not sure what Mclaren can achieve anytime soon. For all their history, they haven’t won much in the way of titles in the last 20 years, the winning habit gets harder to bring back the longer you’re without it. Same problem with Williams. Those guys accept medicority these days.


Still 2 races before the summer break and they should favour Ferrari. Gaining more points in the next week would be massive.


Big chance for Seb to increase his lead at the top this weekend.


Ferrari dominating in Q1 so far.
Q1: Raikkonen, Vettel, Bottas and Grosjean.
Problem for Hamilton!
Wow! Big crisis for Lewis! If he can’t get back the car back to the box he is out!
He is out!!! :arteta:
Red flag for debris.
Ericsson is a fucker. Almost did it again!
Q2: Bottas, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Vettel.


Switch Arsene for Kimi and ‘memories’ for ‘2007’


Komop Max! :netherlands::netherlands:


Nope :bellerin:


Good start from Seb.
Hamilton is up to 12th.
Hamilton finding it easy atm. Now he overtakes Alonso and he is 11th.
10th now.
Hamilton is surely reaching the top six very soon.
Hamilton 5th.
Pit stop for Raikkonen. He is still above Hamilton.
Seb is waiting for the rain to stop, imo.
Vettel above Hamilton after pit stop.
Bottas stops as well and Ricciardo has to retire.
Finally Max stops.
Oh fuck! Ferrari is struggling with their tyres.
Kimi is a bellend.
Pit stop for Hamilton.
Risky strategy for Mercedes.
Lol! It’s only raining in a part of the track.
Vettel loses a part of his front wing.
Bottas overtakes Raikkonen. Ferrari is fucked.
Hamilton wins. Title over again.


Title has been over like 4 times this season according to you Luca :joy:

I’m a big fan of Hamilton he seems like a pretty down to earth guy, not sure why he gets so much hate.



First wet weather race of the year and that frankfurter turned pasta boy couldnt even keep the car on the track.


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No Hamilton is a fucker and a cocky cunt.