The Official Formula One thread


Couldn’t do much better today. Pole for Hamilton above Bottas and Vettel.


LeClerc in to replace Kimi now.

Sick and tired of these Q3 bottlings. What are the idiots at Ferrari playing at, keeping old man mistake prone Kimi, then making sure to screw him themselves with dumb strategies if he doesn’t do it himself??

LeClerc is smashing it, be brave and stick him in the 2nd Ferrari Verstappen style.


N1/N2 style structures are outdated anyways.


Not Ricciardo? Leclerc has been brilliant in that sauber though lol. Let’s face it though, Alonso is probably the best driver in the series still, why wouldn’t he get a chance?


Rumours are it will be LeClerc.

Vettel probs won’t want Ricciardo or Alonso.

LeClerc is good though, next big thing. Kimi is done man, literally anyone but him please.


Finally! Kimi is so past it, while LeClerc is just amazing. He is already better than Max.


a better driver over kimi will just make it easier for hamilton to win the championship. That tinpot italian engineering cant match the merc, no point in having someone who could take a few points away from vettel…


I mean, we’re talking about the team with the most titles of all.

More than any ‘superior engineering’ British teams.

Only tinpot italian engineering I can see is from Pirelli.

Only time Mercedes have looked dominant apart from Australia is when we’ve come to a race where they have their special thinner rubber, that they requested Pirelli bring to these races. Need to game the tyre supplier to win, after gaming the engine regulations… :xhaka:


It isn’t a case they are using a thinner rubber in France :xhaka:


Great! Vettel is done for the Championship.
Soft for Vettel who goes 'til the end.


Vettel being an idiot again. This is why another good driver in the second seat is necessary.




Dirty Hamilton. I am ashamed he supports Arsenal.


Raikkonen not helping Ferrari again.


Seb’s a cunt. Bottles it every time he’s near Max, he is scared of him

LeClerc will wipe the floor with him.


LeClerc overtakes Raikkonen lollllllllll!


Vettel hater.


Vettel is furious. Kicking Alonso off the track.
Vettel climbing up the table. He is 13th now.
Vettel 12th. He is a fucking fury. C’MONNNNNNN!
Kimi 5th and Vettel 11th.
5-second penalty for Vettel. Here we go.
Raikkonen up to 4th.
Great overtake from Seb on Hulkenberg!
Vettel 9th.
Grosjean letting Vettel through like Ocon did with Hamilton in Monaco.
It’s gonna rain soon.
Vettel 7th. C’mon!
6th! What a comeback!


He had the pace to win the race had he not acted like a fool.

Can’t even say Lewis is lucky when you shoot yourself in front of him for the second year in a row.


Now he is coming back. What about your boy Kimi? :wink:


My boy is Charles now. He’s doing great mate.

At this rate, he’ll beat Seb to the title next year.