The Official Formula One thread


Think Vettel is settling for the 2nd.
The race is pretty much over now.
Vettel hs surely a problem. Too slow.
Vettel is ok. The VSC fucked him up.
Well-done Ricciardo. Deserved win! Vettel gains 3 points on Hamilton though.


Hero win. No MGUK after lap 27. Lucky it was Monaco but still great from Ric.


It’s not that impressive, he just had to drive and not put it in the barrier.

Rosberg did the same a few years ago.

China was much better.

Lewis telling it like it is


They had this on in the pub I was in and legit I got bored after 5 laps :joy: reminded me why I stopped watching f1. They have to find a way to make it more interesting for the neutral


Just needed Max to crash into someone :mustafi:


Indy 500 was a really good race tho. I watched both and yeah monaco was a snoozer.


They shouldn’t race in Monaco anymore. Yes, it’s a historical track, but it’s up with the modern F1.


Max in the press conference today

‘‘Im tired of all these questions’’

‘‘Next time I’m going to headbutt someone’’



Max so triggered haha


Trying to live up to his fathers rate of assholeness.


Gonna be a cracking qualifying. @Electrifying


Pole for Seb! Yes!


Kimi though :xhaka:

Such a bottlejob

Also so predictable that max will take somebody out tomorrow divebombing into turn 1. Hope it’s Merc for once.

Oh, who am I kidding :xhaka:


And you still prefer Kimi to Seb :xhaka:


Good start from Vettel.
Lol! Another contact :rofl:
Already the fastest lap for Vettel.
Vettel is flying.
Lewis is very nervous :kos2:
Pit stop for Verstappen and Hamilton.
Ricciardo above Hamilton after his pit stop!
Impossible for Kimi to stay in front of Max.
FFS Kimi! You should have passed Lewis here!
Pit stop for Bottas.
Great pit from Ferrari.


Did anyone else see the grid interviews before the race started?? Hector Bellerin was standing there talking to some woman and the Sky reporter walked up and said to him, excuse me may i speak to your beautiful friend here? The guy had no clue who Bellerin was, he just turned and walked away in shame lululul. Apparently she was some super model there to support Lewis :joy::joy:


Gucci boy is in Canada?


Nando has to retire.
Vettel 6.2 seconds up.
Verstappen can still get past Bottas.
GET IN SEB! Fantastic win! Top of the Championship again!



Ted Kravitz with the DISRESPECT on poor Hector hahahaha


Hahahaha the other guy didn’t recognize him either. Damn mad disrespect to Gucci boy all weekend in Canada :joy::joy::joy::joy: