The Official Formula One thread


Toto and Lewis, suck it! Ahahahah! Get in there! :giroud2:


Typical corrupt Ferrari paying FIA off. Classic lasagne lads the lot of em.


It was Mercedes that pushed for Vettel to get punished.


Actually agree with Luca. Lewis pushed that kids line a lot. That little nudge is hardly going to inspire a generation of nutters. Lewis does come across as really manipulative sometimes.




While that is good news for us Ferrari fans, this doesn’t automatically mean Vettel and Ferrari will take full advantage of this. Don’t forget, not only should Lewis have won the last race comfortably, he should have finished way ahead of Vettel given that he had to serve a stop and go penalty, but instead, ended finishing behind him. Never know how the race will pan out.


It is difficult to overtake here, tbh.


Hamilton still has a great chance to win the race, or even Verstappen. Rain is forecast for sunday.


Seb and Lewis look so up for it. It’s gonna be a great race.


I swear they’ve completely butchered wet racing. Damp track can’t do a normal start let’s have them sit behind a safety car for the first 15 laps until the tracks bone dry and everyone needs to come in for slicks.


Pole for Bottas, then Seb, Lewis and Kimi.


Bottas is putting in some impressive qualifying laps in Q3, almost Hamilton like.


Guess Bottas is gonna try to block Vettel in order to favour Hamilton today.


C’mon Seb! Be aware of that sneaky finnish.


Vettels gonna come out gunning


Stop trolling, you rotten pudding! :xhaka:


Verstappen already out and great start by Grosjean.
Vettel’s fastest lap and Kimi overtakes Grosjean.


Bottas with a jump start?


It looks so.


Very tight!

Poor max aswell haha. 5 out of 7 races he’s had to retire…