The Official Cricket Thread


The days of 250 being par were way better…


Yeah I agree with that tbh, I always find evenly matched lower scoring games to be more interesting viewing.


Chris Gayle blasting England around :wenger2:

@Aussiegooner this true? :arteta:


Usman just scored a century against them last night :syringe:.


Another Century for Usman in the deciding one day game in India, amazing series win for us coming from 2-0 to win a series 3-2 in India.


A mate showed me a twitter thread of Kohli’s stats / achievements as an ODI batsmen. The stats are fucking insane. The GOAT.


He really is amazing man. Love his cocky demeanour as well.

But I still have Sachin above just because of the attacks Sachin had to face compared to today.


Virat is comfortably the best ODI Batsman we’ve seen.


I’ll try and find the thread for you boys. It’s incredible. Absolute monster