The Official Birthday thread


Congratulations, Uncle Gio! :grin:


Zio Gio :wink:


Happy birthday @Gio . No chance you ever get a decent present ever again now.:smile:


Happy Birthday @Gio and also to the little poop machine.


Happy Birthday @Gio! :beers:


Say goodbye to your birthday from here on in chap


@Persona Just saw the post you made in the matchday thread purely for the purpose of reminding us all that itโ€™s your birthday. :wink: I was going to make a cake, but in the MDC on Wednesday you enlightened me to the fact that no cake will fit all your candles on :speak_no_evil:

Kidding, happy youthful gluten free birthday cake day to you :confetti_ball:


Happy birthday @Persona


Happy birthday doc. Let us know if you want your name changed back as a birthday pressie :slight_smile:

The horror!!


Happy birthday young Adam :+1::sunny:๏ธ:dark_sunglasses::icecream:


Cheers lads and ladies. :slight_smile:

@shamrockgooner Iโ€™ll pass on that kind offer, cheers! :wink:


Do we have a problem? :unamused:


Happy Birthday @Persona!

Have a glass of Ribena on me :wine_glass::+1:


Happy birthday @Persona. Keep serving this site your full contribution.
Have a great year mate.


Happy birthday @Persona/Calvero/TheDoctor


Happy belated birthday @Persona my good man :slight_smile:


Happy 25th Birthday @Calum! Enjoy your time down the Toon. Hereโ€™s your present :wink:


Happy Birthday, bastart! :slight_smile: Have a goodun. #92Crew #teamGigi :wink:


Wish you a very happy birthday @Calum.


Happy birthday my scot friend!