The Official Birthday thread


Thanks guys n gals :+1:


Happy Birthdays


Happy birthday lads, and @MO_OA49 hope everything is better now buddy, that’s such a shit one


Yeeeeee @Craigie happy birthday my dood!


Happy birthday to my fellow Admin @Craigie and to another motorsport nut @BergkampsLoveChild ! :kos2: Have a great day chaps.


Happy Birthday gents


Happy bday to @BergkampsLoveChild as well.


Happy Birthday @Robin_L wherever you may be


Happy birthday to all of yous :beer:


Thanks guys.

I went to see some reindeers.

It was grand.


Thanks all.

Didn’t bother to wish my same day birthday brother @Craigie a happy birthday, so happy belated birthday mate and also @Robin_L :+1:


Happy Birthday @Robin_L ! Also I notice that it was @TheSpecialCnut birthday as well on Wednesday, so a belated birthday to you too my Politoad loving chum :giroud: Certainly a busy week for birthdays on OA!


Happy birthday to @Robin_L and @TheSpecialCnut as well!


Happy belated to @TheSpecialCnut too. Hope you had a good one



@SRCJJ well it was a Wednesday so there was only so much I could do.


Happy birthday @Stroller, hope it was a good one.


He’s not had it just yet :smiley: Seeing as we’re a bit behind you guys down under. But nonetheless, Happy Birthday for tomorrow @Stroller !


Hahaha I just saw the birthday thing pop up whenever he posted, hopefully today was still good and tomorrow even better :+1:.


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday mate!