The Official Birthday thread


But not nearly as old as you though, you are 82. right? :wenger:


Well my midlife crisis started a year ago when both my kidneys failed completely !! Been in and out of hospital all year so getting to this birthday was mad nice !! However im with you - kids birthdays are so much better !!


sure. Did you manage to find a cake big enough to fit all your candles on by the way? :wink:


Easily :kos2: You didn’t have to go to all that trouble making one for me.


Happy Belated b-days fellas. :grinning:


Happy bday @MO_OA49


Happy birthday mate!


Damn Big Mo, sorry you’re going through that, brother. I’m hope you’re doing better. Sending good vibes your way.


Cheers bro just gotta keep smiling man - life is too short. OA has kept me going through some dark times.



Happy birthday dude! :chocolate_bar:


Happy Birthday @Craigie, have a splendid day sir!

Edit: And Happy Birthday to @BergkampsLoveChild ! Have a good one dude.

I miss the old OA where it clearly listed whose birthday it was at the bottom of the forum!


Happy birthday @Craigie and @BergkampsLoveChild

Have a good day brothers.


Happy birthday @Craigie and @BergkampsLoveChild


Happy birthday @Craigie + @BergkampsLoveChild :slight_smile:

Just check this page every single day instead :smiley:


Happy birthday lads. Here’s to a birthday win for you tonight!


Happy birthday @Craigie and @BergkampsLoveChild!


Happy Birthday you two. You get an official pass to miss tonights game. Put them on the VIP list @Luca_from_Italy for updates.


Happy Birthday, gents! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday @BergkampsLoveChild and @Craigie Hope Qarabag win for ya!

It’s also Lemon Cream Pie Day, which is even more worthy of a celebration :smile:


Happy birthday to the both of you.