The Official Birthday thread




Happy Birthday James :slight_smile:


Thank you guys :grin:

I’m going to assume you meant all that Jade and ignore that last disclaimer bit at the bottom :wink:


Happy birthday @Mysty


Happy Birthday @mysty! :tada:


happy birthday mate :slight_smile:


Happy birthday, you rock kid!


Happy bday @mysty and @NeedCoffee :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy Birthday @Mysty & @NeedCoffee


Happy birthday american! @NeedCoffee


Happy belated chaps!


Yes, happy belated! Hope you both had good’uns


Happy belated gents!


Happy birthday @NeedCoffee :beer:


While it’s nice seeing @NeedCoffee get some birthday wishes, I feel bad that poor @MO_OA49 had his two days ago and had no mentions, while NC’s getting them now, but had his over 2 weeks ago :sweat_smile:

So Happy belated Birthday as well to Mo!


I saw a4tt mention NeedCoffee and assumed that his birthday was also yesterday, but everyone had forgotten to mention it lol. But it turns out that’s what happened to Mo!

Happy belated @MO_OA49!


lol, thank you. Even if it is a little belated. Happy burthday @MO_OA49! Happy burthday @Mysty too!


Likewise @NeedCoffee, also thanks @Mysty, @JakeyBoy !! Same age as my name !!


I’m 4 years behind you. Do we get to have a mid-life crisis now?

I really didn’t give a fuck about my birthday this year. I find that the older I get, the less my birthday matters to me. I enjoy my kid’s birthdays more than my own.


Happy belated birthday both

You’re nearly as old as @Mysty :grin: