The Official Birthday thread


Happy birthday @Gladiator.

Big fan of your sarcasm.


Happy Birthday Glads, hope you’re doing something nice to mark the occasion


Happy birthday mate!


Thanks bro. You are one of the nicest people on here and a great personality so it’s a big compliment to be appreciated by you!

@JakeyBoy I’ve probably walked over 100km over the past 4 days through the streets of Budapest enjoying views like this below. My legs ache but yeah it was a nice one.

Cheers everyone!


Ah, there’s that sarcasm that Cristo is so fond of…



Happy birthday troll @Arsenal4thetreble

Have a good day my man


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday @Arsenal4thetreble, hope it’s a beauty.


Happy Birthday mate

I can now understand you naivety, you are just a child :wink:


Happy birthday.

As a treat, here’s a picture of your idol from his 65th birthday


Happy Birthday dawg!



Next CL winning manager with Real Madrid :joy: thanks guys, and thanks for reminding me that I’m soooo oolllddd :smiley:


Happy birthday, my american buddy!


Aww stop it bro, thanks. Unless it’s that famed sarcasm haha :poldi:

Happy birthday @Arsenal4thetreble!! We’re practically birthday buddies!


Nah, I still haven’t reached that level. :smiley:


Happy Birthday, brah!


Happy Birthday @Cristo. Have a good one.

Belated birthday wishes to @Arsenal4thetreble.


Happy birthday, you crazy danish!



happy birthday!