The Official Birthday thread


Happy birthday, Craigie. And yes, happy birthday to you, too, weon, you barbarian you. Begrudgingly yours, Cuéllar.


Happy Birthday, Craig.


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday @Sol Hope we announce Auba for your present :wink:


happy birthday to everyone’s birthday that I have ever missed and @Sol today


Happy birthday @Sol!


Appreciate the sentiment chaps but my birthday is actually tomorrow :arteta:

Still got one more chance for the possible Auba announcement to be the perfect birthday gift!


Happy birthday @Shill ! :cake: :gift:


Happy birthday mate!


Happy Birthday @JakeyBoy


Happy birthday @JakeyBoy, on the cusp of 30 now ?


Happy birthday! @JakeyBoy


Happy birthday.


The way his hair is slowly disappearing I’d say yes.

(at least that’s what I take from his regular updates)

Happy Bday JB


Happy Birthday @JakeyBoy


Happy birthday Jake :slight_smile:


Hair disappearing?

Not likely pal

@Aussiegooner 28 today, can we please not ruin my day by talking about 30? :smile:

Had my first present of the day from my gf and it’ll take some beating!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone xx


Happy birthday Mr Almost 30 :smile:

That’s a good watch, enjoy :+1:t2:




Happy birthday @JakeyBoy!