The Official Birthday thread


happy birthday @Leper and happy late birthday @Cristo :slight_smile:


Happy bd!


Happy birthday @Leper!


Happy bday Leper!


Cheers gents :grinning: A thoroughly delightful curry with the family has marked the occasion nicely


Happy Birthday @Leper.


Happy belated Birthday track 6 :guitar:


Buon compleanno, @Luca_from_Italy

Have a goodun, my Dolmio pal. :wink:


happy birthday @Luca_from_Italy I hope you “like” all your presents :slight_smile:


Happy 30th Birthday @Luca_from_Italy ! To show we really do care about you and your ‘liking’ ways, we’ve chipped in with something you’ll love. Something fast, red and Italian, something like you and I was also from 1987, the legendary Ferrari F40 :kosc:

Have a good one mate :slight_smile: .


Happy Birthday @Luca_from_Italy . Hope you have a great day mate.


Happy birthday, hope it’s a good one Gunning.


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday you Italian carbonara


Happy birthday Luca. I went to the effort of baking you a special 30th birthday Italian cake…


Thanks everyone!
@Phoebica, really a great effort from you! :wenger: :smile:


Absolutely amazing! Thanks mate! :giroud2:


Happy birthday Lukita my dear :kissing_heart:


Have a good one Luca :slight_smile:


Happy birthday @Luca_from_Italy! Have a good one man!

No regular football ever on your birthday? Bad luck :slight_smile: