The Official Birthday thread


I already am :wink:


Thanks man, that is one hell of a cake haha I’d be all over that


27 is a clean age anyway if you have OCD. Born in 1990 so it’s just facts you can remember your age more comfortably as the year ends in 0.


Ah, that’ll be why I keep forgetting my age then, I wasn’t born in a year ending in 0 :facepalm:


Have a marvellous day of birth, sir.


If you’re old then you don’t have to strain to think if you were born in a year ending 0 :slight_smile:


Happy bday Cristo. Which country are you celebrating it in? :grinning:

Lol :smile::smile:


Unless its before your birthday in said year? What do you do then? :joy:


Here in Bath! It’s my girlfriends summer ball today so we’re going to that.

And then on Monday we’re off to Sorrento for 5 days on her granddads dime so it could be worse :grin:


Happy birthday @Cristo


I did say if you have OCD you think it’s cleaner to be born on a year ending in 0 :grinning:


I was born in 1990 and my dad was born in 1960, which is bloody great as I never forget how old he’ll be on any given birthday, whereas with my mum and step mum I’m forever struggling to remember/work out how old they’ll be when that time of year rolls around.

I manage to remember how old I’ll be without the help of the 0 on the end though.

Happy Birthday @Cristo, I figured when I saw 24 posts in this thread it would either be a girl’s birthday or yours :grin:


Sweet. Enjoy dude :slight_smile:


Not sure whether to congratulate you on your birthday or having a girlfriend @Cristo


Happy birthday, you cool Carlsberg :hipster:


Happy Birthday Cristo, have a good one!


@Cristo Happy Birthday son, hope it’s a great one.


Belated Birthday wishes @Cristo. Hope you had a good one.



Everyone bow to Mr Shitblogs on his birthday. :wink:

Have a good one, sir! :slight_smile:


Have a good one @Leper :+1: