The Official Birthday thread


happy birthday babes.


:joy: You don’t look a day over 21…

Happy birthday Captain America. :tada:


Happy Birthgay, brah!


Happy burtday brah


Thanks for the bday wishes OA homies. Just know that if I’ve ever called you a bad name or got into it with you here on OA it’s just bro talk, much love to all my fellow Arsenal fanatics :grinning:


Happy Birthday Arsene


Happy belated birthday @Arsenal4thetreble now shut the fuck up.


Happy Birthday @Cristo :cristo:

:denmark: :denmark: :denmark:


Thanks d00d.

The big 27 :cry:


Happy Birthday to everyone’s favourite Dane! Apart from Lord Bendtner of course :cristo:

Had a tough time topping your Taylor Swift cake from last year, but she insisted on something more patriotic for you this time. She really has her eye on that cake…



Happy Birthday, mate! :slight_smile:

Dang… You old as fuck!


[quote=“Persona, post:235, topic:369”]
Dang… You old as fuck!

Someone’s asking for a pink name to come back, and it ain’t going to be Doc @Calum :bellerin:


Not as old as @Mysty though :wink:


[quote=“Mysty, post:236, topic:369, full:true”]

That face when you only 25.

P.S. Kristen Bell… :heart_eyes:


[quote=“Persona, post:238, topic:369”]
That face when you only 25.
[/quote]The face you make when you can ban anyone you like

Plenty of time to call me old later in the year, HB @Cristo :gunnersaurus:


EDIT: Damn it. You changed gifs and now the trump thing just looks weird. :joy:


Happy birthday, Cristo!


Happy birthday hubby :balloon:

Are you going to celebrate like this?


Happy bday Cristo my dood.


Happy Birthday @Cristo you handsome Danish pastry.