The Official Birthday thread

Happy Birthday :partying_face: @Gunnerpr

Happy birthday @Calum

A haircut, now this. Big couple of weeks for you! :grin:

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Happy birthday Cal,
Make up for last year’s and double celebrate. Hope it stays dry.

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Have a good 'un Calum.

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My May haircut is actually today as I took today tomorrow and Friday off to use up some annual leave so a birthday haircut :grinning:

@Stroller got my two hour slot booked in a beer garden for Saturday :beers:


Happy Birthday :partying_face: @Calum

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Happy birthday @Calum :cowboy_hat_face::beers:

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Happy birthday cal. :tada::tada::tada:

Happy birthday @Calum!!

Hope you’ve had a smashing day and that Arsenal provide a nice gift :gift:

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