The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


I’d like to see Spurs winning the West conf, can’t stand the Warriors especially Curry & Green.


I want the Warriors to win mainly because I can’t stand OKC and Westbrook


I love Westbrook. He reminds me a lot of Kobe. I wish the Lakers could get him.


It would be nice to see an team succeed in the West other than San Antonio or Golden State imo. Houston is probably third best.

I always get a bit itchy when people say you have to enjoy watching a certain team. That has been said a lot about GSW. That is why I wouldn’t mind Oracle burning down.


The sweep is complete ,Cavs advance to the conf finals…LeBron with his 11th career playoff sweep :punch:


Cleveland and Golden State are both 8-0 in the playoffs.




This is one of the worst years in terms of competition that I’ve seen in a long while. The east is usually bad anyways but the west is down this year too.


Though I think it’s also partly due to how good Golden State is in the West.


Well it doesn’t help that the talent was spread out a bit more before Durant showed what a beta male he is and signed for Golden State.

Anyways yay fuck off Harden and Houston, glad they lost. I hate all the teams left but this is the order of who I’d like to see win.

  1. Spurs
  2. GSW
  3. Cleveland
  4. Boston


My order is Cavs, Spurs, Wizards, Celtics, Warriors


Oh yeah well i hope the wizards knock off the Celtics in game 7. Move the wizards to the top of my list if they do, but realistically they have no chance.


Celtics beat the Wizards in 7, home team wins every single match.


Every chance both Golden State & Cleveland enter the Finals with 12-0 playoff records here.


Golden State - LeBron could very well be the Finals for the next two seasons.


Celtics beat Cavs 111-108 in Game 3 in Cleveland, don’t think anyone saw that coming.


Bleh fuck the Celtics, they’ll get blown out from here.


Warriors sweep the Western Conference, though I think if Spurs were healthy the series would have gone 6 games.


Possibly Ginobili’s last game, one of my favourite players of all-time in any sport.


Yeah sucks warriors have had an insanely easy path to the finals. Hope they beat cleveland though.