The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Washington is the 2md best team in the east. They’ll steal a couple from Cleveland in the eastern conference finals.


Oh shit I forgot about Washington, yeah they can give Bron a lot of problems. Though I don’t have a lot of trust in Porter guarding Lebron.


Rondo is out indefinitely with a fractured right thumb.


That’s a body blow for Chicago with the way he has been playing in the post season.


Cavs sweep the Pacers.


Warriors sweep the Blazers.


Houston defeat OKC 4-1, bar Game 1 the other 4 games were all very close and OKC actually led the ± whilst Westbrook was on the floor.


He really has almost no help. That team is terrible. Houstons players are basically career journeyman as well but they have built the team to suit the way Dantoni coaches his team.


Jazz beat the Clippers in 7, strange old series with the Road team victorious on 5 occasions.


Didn’t expect the Rockets to blow San Antonio out of the water in the Alamo City.


Raptors can’t handle the Cavs


Live by the jumper die by the jumper my friend. Nobody is gonna beat Houston or any other team when they are shooting 50 3-pointers and they hit almost half of them. If they stay this hot they will beat San Antonio easily. I doubt they will stay this hot though. However the Spurs look realllllyyy old.


LBJ 35 points on 16 shots, Cavs 3-0 and blowing by the Raptors.


Houston 36% shooting tonight :wink:


Yeah terrible offensive display by them, Harden aside.


San Antonio has been the best team defending three-point shots in the regular season. Houston was going to struggle too find their points against this San Antonio side. I still hope they win in 6.


Still hope who wins in 6? Houston? Popovich has a big advantage head to head against Dantoni, so I don’t expect Houston to win this series. Although Parker going down for the rest of the series might help. I’d honestly rather the Spurs and Warriors win instead of Houston. Can’t stand them they are easily the most annoying and overrated team in the league.


Don’t know why anyone would want Golden State to win.


The only really unlikable player on GSW is Draymond Green tbh. Yeah, Durant is a bit of a pussy that he would join the team he just lost to, and almost beat the previous season. I’m a big fan of Klay Thompson though.


Draymond is putrid seriously should give away countless tech fouls a game, Durant is a legit pussy for joining them when if he didn’t bottle Game 6 himself they would have beat them last year, Steph Curry’s general smugness on the floor shits me to tears. I admit I’m a massive fan of Klay though, don’t have a bad word to say about him.