The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Yeah it’s a shame Lebron got injured for so long. We had just dismantled GSW up at Oracle and were sitting pretty in the 4th spot. Then our team fell apart. Lonzo injured, Kuzma injured. We’ve dropped to 10th and the front office panicked and tried to trade the entire team for Anthony Davis :joy::joy:


I wouldn’t never trade an entire team for a player.


I don’t think they panicked. The fact that Davis signed with Klutch Sports at the beginning of the season (James’ friend agency) made it pretty clear he wanted to go to the Lakers in the first place. But I think both parties (Davis and the Lakers) probably expected New Orleans to be more lenient in trade talks.


Loving what Philly has done, quality starters and quality bench depth. The trades made by the top teams in the East have been solid. The Eastern conference playoffs should be pretty damn good this year. Still not convinced that GS can be dethroned though, at least not this year, but these teams have done what they can to give them the best chance.

Here’s hoping the new guys in Philly settle quickly and fit the system well.


Panicked meaning, they completely fluffed the trade talks. The Pelicans were never serious about dealing him to anyone before the deadline, well at least not the Lakers. However Magic kept bidding against himself and raising the price for no reason. We didn’t end up with AD and now our young guys feel unwanted. Coulda been handled much better.


Agreed as good as the top teams in the East have become, no one is beating a healthy focused GSW in a 7 game series this season IMO.


Huge opportunity for the Kings to get to get the play offs this season with the Clippers seemingly giving up with the Harris-trade. I’m afraid LeBron James is going to carry the Lakers into the play offs, still.


PG13 is having a great season so far, on both ends of the court.45 pts vs Houston yesterday. MVP candidate imo


Yeah he’s a candidate but I think he’ll come 3rd or 4th, the greak freak and Harden would have to be the top 2 at this stage…


Harden won’t get a lot of votes this season watch. Ppl don’t like him or his style of play, and his team isn’t doing all that great either. The season Kobe went crazy and averaged 35 points and dropped 81 against the Raptors (cuz the Lakers were so bad) he was clearly the best player in the league and didn’t get a sniff of MVP. Nash won it cuz Phoenix had a great team and was orchestrating their success. So I expect Yannis to win it this season as long as the Bucs keep it up.


Jokic should get MVP. Period. 2nd best record in the insane West with three starting players missing several chunks of the season?


He’s actually a good shout tbh.

Btw holy shit Embid is a load to deal with, we are helpless to stop him. Is this the way opposing teams used to feel about Shaq? Nothing like having a dominant big man there’s nothing u can do to shut him down.

The Sixers look great with that trade for Harris, I don’t see who’s stopping them from going to the finals.


Giannis will be the MVP.


I think Giannis has more going for him in order to excel. Better coach, more experienced/better teammates, weaker conference. Hence I think Jokic would deserve it more.


Jokic is paying 101-1 to win MVP with betting agencies in Aus, seems extremely harsh.


I sure hope we make to the final. Sixers looking so good. But we’ll see.



Luka Doncic becomes the first player in @NBAHistory 19 years or younger to eclipse 1100 PTS in a season before the All-Star break (via @EliasSports)

The BEST from the @dallasmavs rookie sensation!

— NBA (@NBA) 11 februari 2019

I still want to know what exactly drove Phoenix and Sacramento not to draft Doncic. Not sure how Ayton has been doing, Bagley has been playing better lately for the Kings and will become an 20 and 10 player, but still…


Zion is insane.


Not sure they are that definitive favourites. I think match-up wise every team has answers on paper; Giannis/Gasol/Ibaka, the Celtics defended them well as a team last season.