The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Yeh we are, team has fallen apart since the injuries and all the trade rumors. We need to probably go 20 - 10 from here to make the playoffs.


Philly… Simmons, Reddick, Butler, Tobias Harris & Embiid.


Quite a good starting 5, It seems like Philly is focusing a lot on this season, as both Harris and Butler would be free agents at the end of it and would ask for the max.


It has been reported Philadelphia wants to extend both guys and make this their ‘big four’. As a Giannis fan this sucks.


How would Philly fit 4 max contracts in the cap ? :thinking:


I think Simmons is still on his rookie contract. Redick is up for an extension too so he might take less money in order too make the Harris/Butler signings happen. I’m not that educated in the cap stuff, but I think they have some room to work with.


Simmons is still on a rookie contract for one more season, but long term I don’t see how they can fit all 4 in.


Celtics are doing pretty well lately.

Also, what do you think about that?


I think they’ve gone all in in hopes of getting to the final this year. I like the trade for Harris. I think if they don’t make the finals, Butler walks. If they win it all, they may sign them all and pay the fine. I do think there is a lack of depth. I like the trade for Harris. He’s a team player with a great attitude. If anyone walks, it’s Butler, and I don’t see that as a bad thing. It opens up plenty of cap space and you save yourself the headache of a high maintenance player who could ruin the chemistry- Philly doesn’t need a blowup.


Shumpert off to the Rockets. Everything the Rockets are doing is making up for mistakes for Morey in the summer. He had a really bad one and it might lead to Harden getting another MVP lol.

Harrison Barnes is traded to the Kings too.


La Var :fire:


LeBron James WITH Lonzo Ball isn’t going to win a Championship in LA either.


Couldn’t watch the whole thing with all that bullshit coming out of his mouth.



That’s quite a good trade, a bit late, but still good. the EC playoffs are going to be fantatstic to watch.

J.Simmons to Philly isn’t bad either.


Orlando is trading for Markelle Fultz, league source tells ESPN.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) 7 februari 2019


The top 4 teams in the East are arguably the 2nd-5th best teams in the league, Eastern Conference playoffs should be rather interesting after the first round.


Not sure what Boston will offer.


Probably a lot of draft picks but I think a lot of it depends on Kyrie Irving. If he leaves in free agency they won’t make a big offer to NO.


That Celtics vs Lakers game was crazy, Lakers shot exceptionally from 3 and Rajon Rondo won it on the horn after the ball deflected to him.