The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


All 3 ball handlers hurt at once, James, Rondo & Zo, the return of Lebron can’t come soon enough for the Lakers.


Surprise. Anthony Davis is not going to extend with the Pelicans. I would be incredibly surprised if he doesn’t end up with the Lakers.


Not gonna be easy to get him. Nobody wants to help the Lakers first off. Secondly New Orleans would be smart to wait for summer when the Celtics can get involved and offer draft picks.


Not surprised with this news, the Lakers must do what it takes to get him to team up with LeBron.




I saw this and lold so hard :joy::joy:


Let's try that again: Dallas is finalizing a deal to land Kristaps Porzingis, league sources tell ESPN.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) 31 januari 2019

Wow! The West remains absolutely insane.


I didn’t see that deal coming, great deal for the Mavericks. I can only imagine the Knicks have assurances from 1 huge free agent and possibly another.


I hope Porzingis comes back as good as he was, Doncic - Porzingis pick and roll will be sexy as fuck.
I love Mavs since that crazy 2011 season when they won the title with veterans against Lebron, Wade, Bosh Miami


Nah the Knicks are fucking idiots, don’t ever assume they have a plan.


Porzingis is apparently going to sign the QO in the summer, the Mavs could end up regretting the deal.


Read this comment quite a lot but why would Porzingis leave Doncic? I assume they will win next season and be in the play-offs.


KP to Dallas -> KD to NY -> Klay Thompson to LA ?


Kyrie is an odd character


Lebron and Kyrie reunion in LA, you heard it here first!


The Lakers x Lebron won’t end as you expect treb. I don’t think he brings a championship


Be absolutely hilarious if Kyrie joined up with LeBron after he bitched about him to get out of Cleveland :joy:.


Kyrie recently said he called to apologize to Lebron. Now he understands why Lebron was the way he was, because Kyrie is having issues with the Celtics youngsters and realizes how good he had it with LBJ. The rumor is they may reunite. It’s why AD is trying so hard to get to LA supposedly.


Lebron, Irving, Davis.

What a deadly trio.


The Lakers are 27-27 and in my opinion in serious danger of missing the playoffs.