The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


The fact that there are 82-regular season games doesn’t make it more appealing either. There is no reason the NBA, MLB or NHL should have as many games as they have.


I’d say mid February and on is pretty bad that’s when a lot of teams hang it up and realize they aren’t making the playoffs, but up until the all star break it’s usually pretty riveting. Especially this season. First seed in the west has changed about 5 times in literally a week. The parody of the league is at an all time high it seems, even the east is formidable this season. Christmas day games are the best!


Remember when Portland was top about 2.5 weeks ago ? Now you know why I felt the need to post the standings.


The West is really insane. And yet I feel like Toronto, Milwaukee and maybe Boston if they find their form should be able to beat any of those teams in a play off series bar Golden State and maybe OKC. Philadelphia now with Jimmy Bulter too.

Lol @Houston and not giving Ariza his money. Even tho people want to claim it’s more than just him. He was the perfect player for their switch everything defensive system.


Phoenix are gonna buy him out and supposedly the Lakers are gonna pick him up, Ariza that is.


I’ve read about the Suns possibly wanting to trade him first. Another favour James Jones would do for LeBron after Chandler if this scenario happened :joy:.


Kawhi is in MVP mode since joining Toronto, impressive numbers on both sides of the court. Toronto to win the ECF if he stays fit.


I still think LBJ is MVP, one addition to the Lakers and they’ll make playoffs comfortably despite being nowhere near playoffs for the last 5-6 years. I do agree with what you said about Kawhi and Toronto winning the East if he stays healthy though.


Not to shit on LBJs MVP candidacy, but the Lakers won 35 games last season and that was with our best players missing a ton of games through injury and also having a very slow start because we were such a young team. The Lakers minus Lebron aren’t as bad a team as most ppl think. However you are right because I think we will win 50+ games which is a major turn around.

Btw look at what Cleveland is now. I lol cuz ppl were saying that Cleveland was a better supporting cast for Lebron :joy::joy: Shame Lebron hasn’t won more mvps cuz he’s by far and away the best player in the league.


I said no way known Cleveland would win more than 25-30 games when LeBron left, taking that scrub arse Cavs team to the NBA finals last season might just be his greatest accomplishment out of the lot. He also would have managed them a game 1 win at the Oracle if it wasn’t for the refs.


I hear you, i meant he’s playing expectionally well, still early to talk about MVP candidacy, but LBJ should be in contention every season though for sure


Luka doncic is killing it, points raining in the money time against Houston.


Should have gone no 1.


Franchises doubting non american players :santi:


I’m more pissed that Sacramento didn’t force him to come if his wish was to go to Dallas (which is the only reasonable reason I can think of for Sacramento to let him walk). The Ayton appeal I got a little bit. Sac already had two up-and-coming 4’s on the roster and signed Bjelica. I’m sure Doncic and Fox would have figured shit out.


Nurkic with 24-23-7-5-5 in tonight’s overtime win in Sacramento. First player since 1983-1984 to have 20 + points, 20 + boards, 5 + assists, 5 + blocks & 5 + steals.


Btw you heard it here first. Anthony Davis will be a Laker and play with Lebron.

And Kawhi is gonna sign with the Clippers.


Davis be trade this coming off season ? Or walk for free in 18 months you think ?


They will trade him. In the modern day NBA, if you allow a top player like AD to leave for free, it cripples your franchise. If NO continues to lose you might see the Lakers make a Godfather offer around the trade deadline this season to secure him. Celtics probably could come up with a better package but they can’t trade for him until the summer.


Been watching some NBA lately. Harden is such a fantastic player.