The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


I love Jokic. His skill and IQ for the game are insane. It’s a joy to watch these types of players who just know how to play.


Got to keep an eye on Luka Doncic, Hawks fucked up big time trading him to Dallas.


Durant and Curry both playing MVP level to begin the season, only way the 3peat doesn’t happen is if one of these 2 miss the whole playoffs due to injury.


KD is a scoring freak, bar injury, GSW are getting their 3peat, He must go to the Knicks next season, to level things in the NBA.


I only follow NBA very loosely, but how is it that the Warriors can afford to have 2 huge stars in the same roster, together with all the other good players they have? I thought the salary cap stopped this from happening?


A cap spike happened at the right time for the Warriors as they had Players locked into lesser than market value deals at the time they landed Durant. Durant is also taking less money than he could be earning elsewhere. Durant & Klay are our of contract this summer so things shall be interesting.

As for the Salary cap that’s the aim of it, though in the NBA it’s a soft cap so franchises can exceed it, it just comes with big tax penalties if they do.


LeBron up to 6th in all time scoring and field goals made, passing Dirk and Shaq respectively in each of those categories.


FYI for anyone interested my alma mater currently has 4 players active in the league right now:

Monte Morris (no relation): Denver Nuggets PG
Georges Niang: Utah Jazz SF
Abdel Nader: OKC Thunder SF
Deonte Burton (2-way contract currently with OKC): OKC Thunder SF/G


They drafted from college really well. Curry and Klay are both max players and you get them on rookie contracts early, Curry got his max and Klay signed an extension that was team friendly before he was considered max. Draymond Green will be a free agent so he’ll either leave or take a lesser contract to keep winning titles. They will definitely lose one of these guys in the next year.


Plus didn’t KD sign on a relatively friendly deal when they got him?


Durant signed that year that Aussie was talking about. Because of the collective bargaining agreement there was a funky spike in the salary cap and it allowed them to sign KD on a max deal. It’s coming back to haunt them now tho because they are over the salary cap and they are on the hook for almost a billion in salary + luxury tax. Can they continue to afford to pay that? I doubt it that’s why Durant and or Draymond Green will be gone this summer imo.


I think it will be Durant or Klay that’s gone @Arsenal4thetreble, pretty sure Dray is still contracted.


Yes ur right, Draymonds contract is up next summer.


Houston blown at out home by the Blazers today and are now 1-5, at what point do we start getting concerned they aren’t a challenger ? Washington are 1-6 also and I had them 4th or 5th in the East Pre season. I suppose it still is only really early.


Yup and here I thought the Lakers were gonna win like 50 games, but the Lakers are better than Houston anyways. They’ve at least been in every single game. Houston is getting rekt. Strange season so far.

Just checked it and yeh the Lakers are the 3rd highest scoring team in the league we just can’t stop anyone lol, I think we’ll still be a playoff team like a 4 or 5 seed come end of the season.


I thought the Blazers might slide out of the playoffs this season, but now I’m starting to think we’ll be fighting around 4th or 5th seed again.


Blazers look like a 2 seed to me. I don’t think Denver or New Orleans will keep up this pace tbh. Way too early but my best guess would be…

  1. GSW
  2. Portland
  3. Utah
  4. Houston
  5. Lakers
  6. Denver
  7. New Orleans
  8. OKC


Lovin Kawhi and DeRozan with their new teams, it looks like the Raptors and Spurs needed a change and it’s working well for the both of them.

Kawhi to lead Toronto to the conf final.


D.Rose dropping 50 on Utah, pleased for the youngest ever MVP.


Yeah It was really good to see Rose thinking it was 2011, even if it was only just for a night.