The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Yeah I said all along if LeBron goes to LA they will win 50-55 and lose a conference semi.


So LeBron takes his talents to long beach?

What are the chances he can get past Houston and golden state with that team?


zero with the current roster the Lakers have.




We can probably beat Houston now. They just lost their best defender to Phoenix and they are about to lose Capella in free agency as well.

We’ll see what happens, the Kawhi trade is still possible and I hear rumors of Boogie Cousins signing a one year deal with the Lakers too.


This sucks so hard for Houston. They were probably the team to benefit from a decline/lesser year of Golden State in 18/19, if not the 19/20 season. Now the Lakers add James who didn’t seem to decline, yet, and who will have a lesser load to carry in LA and they might add a player who will be only 28 next summer. It needs to be seen how good Boston and Philadelphia get, but I really think the Lakers can win the title in 19/20. Golden State will find new motivatie for the coming season, because of this move and take I think.


The Lakers had a slow start last year and had like a 21% win percentage through November. As soon as Lonzo and Kuzma adjusted to the pro’s, they improved a lot. At one point they had the 2nd best record in the NBA through like 20 games. The Lakers were pretty good, 12th on offense and 10th in defense. For a young team that’s impressive. Now they added Lebron…


Relieved LeBron didn’t go to the Sixers. I like our youth. If we get anyone, I’d rather Kawhi. I’d take the 1 year risk as long as we don’t have to give up too much.

I just hate seeing LeBron as a Laker. I knew it was unlikely, but I would’ve preferred him staying in Cleveland and trying to recruit. I just hate the Lakers. Wished he’d gone to the Clippers, if it was the town that was pulling him there. As much as I like LeBron, I sure won’t be rooting for him. I can’t see him making it to the finals in the near future. Lakers need a lot of piece. The West is too stacked for LeBron to carry a shit team to the finals.


Lol. Rondo to the Lakers for one year. It seems the Lakers are going to put focus on 2019 free agency rather than trying to force it for the 18/19 season with Kawhi Leonard.

Throwing away a season when you turn 34 years old. It seems everything isn’t about winning anymore indeed for LBJ.


Boogie signs with GSW for 5m!!! Lulululu shits weak man.

Honestly at this point with the way GSW is hoarding all stars what can any team do to compete? I think the only plan at this point is to hang on to your good young pieces and wait for GSW to fall apart through age, injury, or ego. I mean at one point Steph, Draymond, and Klay were being dominated by Kobe, Dirk, and the Heat super team. Those guys got old and GSW improved. The Sixers, Celtics, and Lakers are the teams with a lot of young pieces that have the potential to grow into the next dynasty.


Lol the NBA is a joke, 5 all stars including 2 MVP’s in the Warriors starting 5. Good to see a salary cap competition working a treat.


Makes sense for Cousins, he wasn’t going to get paid this off-season so he may as well get a ring and mock Barkley.

Funny thing is that yesterday the thought of Cousins joining the Warriors crossed my mind, and I was like “makes sense but it won’t happen”.


They say he won’t be ready until january, and who knows achilles issues for big men is usually a death sentence. There were rumors of him joining the Lakers and I was honestly worried that we’d waste money on him considering he’s also kind of a lockeroom cancer. We’ll see how it works out, it might backfire on them.


Backfire on 5.3 mill for the season ? :joy:


Basketball wise it shouldn’t backfire but ego wise it definitely could. Boogie has been known to be a difficult man to tolerate. Here’s a good article, GSW were gonna win without him anyways.


Kawhi looks to be the main one to watch now. What will the Spurs do with him? I’d love to see him a Sixer, but I definitely wouldn’t give up our talented youth.

I don’t know why PG-13 resigned with OKC. The same ‘talent’? They need to add if they are to compete. Surprised he didn’t go to the Lakers. Although, I do think he’s a bit overrated.


Fingers crossed Durant joins New York in 2019 for the same reasons LeBron James has joined the Lakers. That still gives them the opportunity to add Cousins again for a big contract, but Durant > Cousins.

Like @TheSpecialCnut says for Cousins this is the smart thing to do.


Kawhi isn’t old and a legit star, if I was Philly I’d give up Fultz and a couple of other pieces to get him. Simmons/ Kawhi & Embiid would be brilliant.


Philadelphia should sit still and develop their players. Embiid and Simmons are in their primes five(!) years from now. If Embiid stays healthy. I’m not sure why they are obsessed with winning now.