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There’s nowhere else he can go now than LA without a sign and trade. Either that or sign a longer deal with the Cavs.


Really want to to see Bron to LA just for Lavar’s reaction


Rumor is that we are sending Lonzo to chicago for some assets to give to the Spurs for Kawhi.


Trading for Kawhi now is a potential trap, they would want too much. I’d wait it out before making a move, been doing some reading it looks like the Kawhi-Spurs relationship is past the point of no return and he only has eyes on LA. Best for LA to secure Bron then PG13

Plus you don’t think Lonzo is the ideal PG for Bron?


Spurs won’t let go of Kawhi that easily, just read that the Sixers might be interested too.

I don’t really know who’s at fault here between Kawhi and SA, but I’m quite disappointed at both parties, He was supposed to be their franchise player and keep the franchise competitive, now they have to rebuild again.


They might have to. They are done with him because he basically said he wanted to be traded to the Lakers and he’s done with them, not enjoying playing there anymore. Option is trade him or let him walk for nothing. The longer they hold on to him the more leverage they lose. Esepcially if Lebron and PG sign with the lakers tomorrow night, then SA lost all their leverage.


Both CP3 and PG agree to new deals with Houston and OKC, more rumours about Bron joining LA.


Surprised about both tbh.

Turns out all the stuff about Westbrook being star repellent was wrong. I think PG has made a bad move tbh

Houston are incredibly stupid for the CP3 deal! Daylight robbery

Bron should definitely stay in the East! LA doesn’t look as good now.


LA needed to get George if Bron wanted to move, Bron is crazy if he moves to LA.


Lelelelel wow Paul George great decision to stay there when losing in the first round, and Melo opting in. They can’t improve their team.


What were they supposed to do with Paul though? If you don’t give him that 4-year max deal he is probably out of the door. Whilst he will be a player in decline he still might produce on a really high level for the next two years or so. It’s a difficult decision either way. Without Paul you need to rebuild. Losing Ariza is going to hurt them.

Surprised by the decision George made. He must be really comfortable in Oklahoma. Because it doesn’t seem he will win there.


The West is going to be insane (again). Denver has been knocking on the door for a couple of years now, Phoenix with Ariza and Bridges make it obvious they want to be in the play-offs sooner rather than later, the Lakers are going to do something, Dallas added DeAndre Jordan in free ageny are not going to take it slow either. Except for maybe the Spurs no play-off team will be any weaker.

This sucks for Jokic, really hoped they would make it next season.


I agree it was a tricky decision but hoping CP is healthy around playoff time is not a sensible strategy to win Championships especially in a competitive West. Chronic muscle injuries don’t get better as you age. I reckon Houston beat GS in that game 7 if CP played

They should have low balled him with a 1 or 2 year deal. He isn’t getting that deal anywhere else


I think my Blazers will struggle to make the playoffs next season, finished 3rd this season but it was only 3 games between 3rd and 9th and we had a favourable run with injuries.


Woj with an explanation why George signed this deal:

Here's essence of Paul George's 4-year, $137M deal, w/ player option: New CBA allows George to extend after 2nd anniversary of deal. Extending on max w/ OKC after year 2, while also opting out of final year, could make this 7-year, $290M-plus deal based on future cap projections.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) 1 juli 2018


They have a meeting planned with Carter-Williams. They are looking to add more depth to that point guard position and probably rest Paul more.


Lebron going to LA. Pure insanity. Can only imagine what the Golden State group text looks like right now!



He’s gone into Mogul mode, which means championships aren’t necessarily a priority for him at this stage. This allows the Lakers to still build their young core methodically.

Kawhi situation just became alot more interesting


Obviously money was important than winning for LeBron…


Lakers will win 50 games now this season, probably around 55.