The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Yeah Curry will get it although LBJ should irrespective of score line.


K lemme ask u guys this question. Most guys in NBA history get killed for taking like 30+ shots in a game and dominating the ball. Mainly because it’s not a winning style of basketball just going iso. Lebron James does it and he gets lauded cause he’s carrying the team? Lebron scores a lot and gets buckets but his team isn’t winning. Throughout the history of the game it’s widely known that keeping guys in the game offensively is vital to keeping them interested on defense as well. The cavs offense is basically give the ball to Lebron and let him dribble for 15 seconds and take a shot or drive to the hoop. Cleveland has no shot and being honest they are here because the east is crap. Still though they’d have a much better chance if they actually had some sort of system offensively.


They simply don’t have the talent outside LeBron so no system would allow them to challenge Golden State. Your also acting like LeBron is scoring his points on poor efficiency, he’s shooting 56 % for the series.


That’s not the point, you have to keep your teammates engaged in the game. It’s a known fact if they just stand around on offense watching someone they are going to be less engaged of the defensive end. Getting other players involved in the offense is just a better way to play basketball for multitudes of reasons.


LeBron’s had 8 and 13 assists in the first two games. Averaging 10 throughout the post season. Has no legitimate 2nd guy that can get create a basket for himself.


We probably didn’t even need to respond to be honest, it’s just treble trying to come up with some theories to convince himself Kobe is better than LeBron.


I think the Cavs played iso-ball more when Kyrie was still there, LeBron still leads his team in assists and looks to get his teammates involved more often,He would’ve had more assists if JR and co made their open shots.


Morey needs to make LBJ to Houston happen. I’m sure the owner will pay the tax if he could have Paul, James and Harden. Otherwise Houston nor Cleveland will have a chance too stop Golden State next season.

Even if Cleveland incorporated a system it would be as unlikely they could win against Golden State. Apart from the massive talent they are incredibly well coached.


I reckon Paul, Harden & James is the only way the Warriors are getting taken down next season.


:giroud2: make it happen whoever is in charge.

LeBron has already done all he can for Cleveland, that 3rd title will go down in legend. What a comeback against the best regular season team ever.


100 % this :heart_eyes:


lolol :rofl:


43-13-7 from Durant on 23 shots as the Warriors win 110-102 to take a 3-0 series lead.


Fuck KD though, the guy killed the competition by joining GSW, They had a good thing going in OKC with Russ…Now, instead of having Cavs, OKC, Houston and GSW battling it out, we’re just wondering how many games it’ll take GSW to win it.


KD really killed basketball, fair play to GSW drafting for the 3 other all stars though. Because they are so good they also get players like Iggy, Livingston etc to stay for fuck all due to be assured of rings.


Lebron might be able to get to Houston but they’ll have to trade like half their roster to make room for him send to sign Chris Paul again.

Rumors are that Lebron is coming to LA. And that’s not from basketball ppl but ppl in the entertainment industry are chirping about it.


Yeah, apparently Philly are in the mix for him too. Plus Golden state (lol, that would be ridiculous)

What would be the best option for him to get that 4th ring?


Houston is the best bet for him to get a ring, if he goes to LA they will just jump from a lottery team to likely conference Semi’s and lose to Houston or Golden State.


I hope Leonard and Brian go to Houston.


Definitely Houston but as I said they would have to gut their team, unlikely that they can. Philly could be good but right now there is a big controversy with their organization so probably unlikely. Lakers make the most sense to me.