The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Where’s he gonna go?




Nah, him and Simmons are too much alike. Chris Paul is a free agent this summer and he and LeBron are best friends. I have a feeling they will hook up somewhere.


Wasn’t there rumours of Bron moving to a ‘facilitator’ role as he ages

Can’t see him going to the wild west tbh. He needs easy runs to the finals


They’ll be tanking with Atlanta and Orlando.


Is teaming up with Harden & Paul at Houston a possibility ?


fucking up my sleeping pattern just to witness a Bron game 7 madness. I’m here for this

Great Game! Bron will never leave the East


LeBron James what a fucking God, comfortably a top 2 player of all time.


And he does it again. No way was I stay up, so I just watched it now. It does make you wonder if Kyrie would’ve made a difference. You can never count out LeBron.

Will be interesting to see what happens with free agency. He isn’t getting any younger. He’s looked so tired this post-season, more than ever. And Boston will be back at full strength and Philly is just going to get better, so the East will become more difficult.

He could make the difference in Philly, and help renew that Boston-Philly (Kyrie-LeBron) rivalry. But it would result in Simmons not playing as much, and I don’t know that would be wise in the long run. I still think he’s likely to stay in Cleveland. Where else could he go and really compete?


I don’t think he will stay in Cleveland, I’m fairly certain he will leave but I’m just not sure what his destination will be.


LeBron out of this world,legendary.

The Celtics are going to be tougher next season with Kyrie and Hayward, and Tatum is one hell of a rookie.


How can he help it that we had incompetent teams in the East for so long or that Rose got injured?


Iguodala not available. I REALLY want Houston to make the finals and win it all. But I’m afraid Golden State is going to win with a dominant performance.


Nah Houston have no room in the salary cap. Only way they can do it is a sign and trade. He and Paul can sign up on a free with the same team this summer though.


Rockets shot 7-44 from 3 in a game they lost by 9 points.


That second half 3 point shooting has cost them a championship. 4th straight season we have Golden State vs Cleveland in the finals, can’t see this one going more than 5 games.


Same shit different season. I guess at least the conference finals were competitive. No interest in another GSW - Cleveland final


Lol Chris Paul has the worst luck. With him the Rockets are going to the finals. I’m not that fussed though because I’m not a fan of Dantoni. His stupid systen fails him again. Take 44 - 3’s when they are getting to the rim and scoring in the paint easily lel, oh well Warriors back to back and 3 of 4 now. No way in hell Cleveland have a chance.


This might be a very small positive for Houston. This is their first season together, or at least with Paul (they need to add a point guard to relieve him during regular season), and whilst they might have reached a ceiling it’s not too farfetched they have one more very good season in them. Golden State will have to play for their fifth Finals in a row…that seems a huge task.


I think this was their chance. They’ve got several free agents one being Capella, and of course Paul. Paul is always injured and he’s gwtting oldx nlt sure they will givw him the money he wants. I don’t think they’ll be stupid enough to give Cpaella a hug pay day either, but some team that is desperate just might. They might have a little bit of rebuilding to do.