The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


So LeBron just sweeps a 59 win team to build on his legacy, Philly avoid the sweep getting back to 1-3 vs Boston.


The Raptors need a leader in their team, Lowry and Derozan go missing when it matters the most, nobody will remember how well you did in a regular season when you get swept like this.


Warriors and Rockets dispose of Pelicans & Jazz in 5, we will get the much anticipated matchup we have been waiting for all season.


Gonna call it now, I think the Rockets will beat them this year. It’s at least gonna go 7 games.


Hope your right.


Yeah I really hope the Rockets win, sadly I’m tipping the Warriors in 6.


I stll think the Warriors are going to get this one, they’re better collectively,same winning roster, whereas the Rockets depend heavily on J.Harden and C.Paul.

Warriors in 6.


Clint Capela is a really underrated centre, I just think Durant will end up being the slight difference between the sides.


Boston survive tonight’s game vs Philly to win the series 4-1.
Eastern conference finals Boston vs Cleveland
Western Conference finals Houston vs Golden State.


Toronto have fired Dwane Casey, but I wonder if this was a case of rather keeping the coach and rebuilding the roster. A DeRozan/Lowry lead franchise is not going to beat LeBron.


Yeah, let’s fire the coach because our two all stars shit the bed when they see LeBron.


Seems like a very harsh decision to fire coach after a 59 win regular season.


Celtics destroy the Cavs, Keep LBJ quiet in Game 1.


Cavs spanked yesterday, Brad Stevens got the Celtics ballin’


Golden State win game 1 in Houston. Harden played a great game, yet Golden State still win comfortably.


So Cleveland needs to win four in a row or win game 7 @Boston. Both seem like an impossible task.

Phoenix won the lottery they’ll have the number one pick. Very happy to see that Sacramento has the 2nd.


I suppose Cleveland was in that position also in the 2016 finals which I thought was impossible… but I agree it’s looking like the Celtics in the finals.


In the Finals they had an injury and suspension helping tho.


Still the most amazing comeback I’ve seen from a team, 1-3 down vs a 73-9 team who had 2 of the remaining 3 at home.


They had Kyrie in the Finals.