The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Nuggets with a very important win vs the Wolves, both teams now locked at 44-35.


Damn Cavs getting blown up

10 Point game now, very entertaining display


So the Nuggets charge continues and they will play Minnesota in the final match for a playoff spot. Whilst my Blazers have gone 4-7 in the last 11 to potentially throw away home court advantage in the first round :rage:


After going through all the scenarios it seems the Blazers will hold onto a top 4 spot as long as OKC beats the Grizz and ends on 48, even if the Blazers lose the final match to the Jazz.


Wolves vs Denver would be a huge game tomorrow.


A lot of interesting narratives around this draft. Especially since it’s a very highly rated draft. Cleveland is getting a top eight pick (which can help to keep LBJ around), Devin Booker will get a proper parter-in-crime this time I reckon, Dallas will pick the guy who will be the guy to lead them in the post-Nowitzki era, the Gasol/Conley tandem in Memphis will get help of a top pick.


Is a top 8 pick really going to help keep James around though ? He’s turning 34 next season and I don’t think he can afford to wait a couple of years to compete.


Not just the top 8 pick. But the top 8 pick, Kevin Love and the fact that he’s playing in the East might. I believe big talents will develop quicker if they are surrounded by better players and have the opportunity to play for a good team. If he goes to any other team than the Rockets he’s stupid. From a competitive perspective that is.


If Houston can manage a way to team up Paul, Harden and James then I think he should so that, also Philly could be a shout but I’m not sure how well Simmons and James would play together.


Bron isn’t coming out west. He’s staying in CLE


Dallas got Dennis Smith Jr. last year, he’s really their star of the future. Of course they were tanking purposely to get a good pick this year, but ya never know with the draft. They are also goingto offer Julius Randle a big contract this summer when he becomes a restricted free agent.

As far as Cleveland goes yeah that 8th pick will not be motivation for Lebron to stick around. Due to the one and done rule in college these rookies aren’t ready to have an impact for at least 2 or 3 years after they are drafted. Lebron can’t wait around for that, and Cleveland have already been in the market trying to trade that pick for a proven player. Houston would probably be his best chance to win a title now but they’d have to blow up that roster to fit James in. The teams he’s considering are Houston, Philly, San Antonio, the Lakers, and the rumor came out a couple months ago that maybe even Golden State would be in the running.

Philly in the East imo makes the most sense and is the most realistic if he wants to win another title. Of course that depends on what the Cavs could get if they traded the 8th pick. Let’s say they are able to somehow get Paul George or trade for Kawhi Leonard, then the obvious choice is to stay. I don’t want him on the Lakers, even though that would probably propell them to one of the top 3 teams in the west. The Lakers have room for two max players this summer without having to trade anyone. So that could mean Lebron, PG13, Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma. That’s a beast team to me, I just don’t wanna mortgage our future to rent Lebron for a couple years and then not win the title anyways, but who knows maybe they could knock off either GSW or Houston.


Overtime decided the final playoff spot between Minnesota & Denver :eyes:. Portland get the 3rd seed and North West Division Title by beating Utah.

  1. Toronto vs 8. Washington
  2. Boston vs 7. Milwaukee
  3. Philadelphia vs 6. Miami
    4 Cleveland vs 5. Indiana


  1. Houston vs 8. Minnesota
  2. Golden State vs 7. San Antonio
  3. Portland vs 6. New Orleans
  4. OKC vs 5. Utah


J.Butler came back at the right time to help the Wolves make the POs .
Cavs vs Pacers and OKC vs Utah would be very intertesting.


Shocking Cavs yesterday


Blazers 2-0 down losing both at home, our backcourt has been so disappointing this playoff series :cry:


Quite disappointing indeed from the Blazers, especially Dame and McCollum, AD was expected to put on an impressive performance in every game, but Jrue Holiday and Rondo stepped it up a notch too which makes things even more complicated.


Crazy day of NBA, a LBJ 3 pointer at the horn gives the Cavs a 3-2 lead over the pacers.

Utah blew a 25 point lead against OKC but are still up 3-2 with Game 6 in Salt Lake City.


Yeah pacers are toast now, but Utah will win the series next game at home. Utah is a notoriously difficult place to play on the road.

Gonna be interesting to see who out of Toronto, Philly, and Cleveland can emerge from the east. Philly looking the best, but you can’t count out Lebron.


LeBron is going to do nothing in the Finals. We might aswell have Indiana progress.


He would dominate, but his team would do nothing if that’s what you meant.