The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


A bit of both actually, all big names hit double digits.


13 straight for the Blazers including 8 against +.500 teams, impressive win streak.


Good chance Denver might miss out on the play-offs. At this point I think it’s fair enough to ask if Malone is the right fit for this roster.


Yeah I’d say Denver & the Clipppers are the two teams that will miss out. Denver have a tough remaining schedule and couldn’t afford recent losses to Dallas & Memphis in the brutal West,


If you also look what Stotts, Snyder and Rivers are doing with their teams considering the players they lost (in the last two cases) one has to think Malone is not making the most of this roster.


2nd quarter LA - Indiana game and Lonzo hasn’t even taken a shot.

Good start for the Nuggets and Miami.


Miami end up winning in Double overtime, I think that’s on the verge of being curtains for Denver’s playoff hopes.


Last night’s game was probably the nail in their coffin indeed. Really thought they were going to be an 7 or 8-seed. Huge props for Quin Snyder and Utah Jazz’ front office. Utah was the team I didn’t expect to make it.


Yeah after losing Gordon Hayward I’m suprised they held their place in the post season.


Portland’s 13 game winning streak halted by James Harden and the Rockets 115-111 :cry:


Should have gotten his 2nd MVP this year. Maybe even his third. It’s a joke he hasn’t got one yet. Especially when he took a team to 56-wins led by Kevin McHale.


Rudy Gobert has been injured for most of the year, and he’s basically their best player. Beast on defense. No surprise that as soon as he’s available they went on a good run tbh. What is a surprise is that Mitchell is playing so good as a rookie. They drafted really well.


Yeah. They were basically higher projected that I thought. Bleacherreport had them at 45-37. FiveThirtyEight at 46-36. had them as their 6th seed. So they meet expectations at this point I guess.


So Cleveland are currently 3-2 against Boston and Toronto in the regular season. After all the hypes for both teams they probably will be beat down in the play offs anyway.


I wouldn’t be so sure as it’s taking 35 point/ near 20 assist nights from the King for them to get over the line, will be interesting to see who wins the East but ultimately they stand no chance vs Golden State/ Houston.


For the play offs 30 and 10 will be standard for him.

This is supposed to be a deep draft class, but Sacramento have the 7th worst record at this point. Even at tanking they suck. Memphis is showing how it supposed to be done.


LBJ putting up crazy numbers as usual, another win vs Brooklyn, K.Love back doing his job.


Needed win because they also own the Brooklyn-pick.


Giannis has become an actual beast, physically. Long time since I watched a Milwaukee game/highlights but he has grown a lot.


He’ll never be a top top player unless he sorts his jumper out. Reminds me a lot of Blake Griffin. Lots of stats and highlight reel dunks ect, but unless he adds a jumper to his game he’ll never lead a team to the championship.