The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Oh lol, never heard it put that way before.


Harden with the nasty cross :raised_hands:


My Blazers up to 3rd seed in the West, amazing how close 3rd-10th is.


That harden thing was an offensive foul. Harden is the NBA equivalent of Deli Alli. All he does is cheat and con refs, can’t stand that guy. Hope the Warriors destroy them in the playoffs.


The Blazers are cookin’ :fire:


He’s one of the most talented players in the league, just an expert at drawing fouls. More like Hazard/Neymar.


Cavs still don’t know how to defend, another defeat against the Nuggets ,smh.


Dame Lillard 4 3s in the space of 2 minutes down the stretch as the blazers beat the Lakers for the 15th consecutive time.
Lillard has to be top 10 in MVP voting this year, carrying this roster to 38-26 so far.


Meh we didn’t have Ingram.


AD on beast mode, 41 past the Clippers to lead Pels to their 9th straight win.


Denver underperforming or the Clippers and Jazz are having really good seasons after losing Paul/Griffin and Hayward? Thought a ~45 win season was fair enough expectation for Denver and that is what they pretty much are doing…


I think Denver are going pretty much as expected on pace for 44/45 wins, Jazz & Clippers have exceeded expectations slightly.


The real :goat: straight killer.


Blazers make the most of Steph Curry’s Absece to extend the winning streak to 9 games.


Raptors snap the Rockets 17 game win streak as well. My Lakers 33 game win streak record not in jeopardy :grin:


Golden State so injury hit at the moment, playing without Durant, Curry & Klay.


It’s what happens to the top teams in the NBA that go multiple seasons deep into the playoffs. It’s like an entire extra season of games added on to your career. Curry has always had questionable ankles and Durant missed a whole season through injury pretty recently. Only thing that will stop these guys from winning it all is injuries.


It’s what makes James so good, been to 7 finals straight, 33 and in his 15th season… still putting up 27/8/8 on insanely high %. His durability is insane never having missed a playoff game throughout his career.


OKC ends Toronto’s winning streak, a lot of weird officials calls at the end, great game though, oh and russ with another triple double.


132-125, was the game just very fast paced ? or poor defence ? Or a combination of both ?