The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


All these trades Cleveland does (Hood and Hill acquired) and it still won’t be enough.

This sucks for Isaiah too. The Lakers probably trade for him because of his expiring contract and won’t offer him an extension.


Anyone can do whatever they want and they still aren’t beating Golden State over a 7 game series.


Cavs GM has been playing 2k18 a lot lately.


Check the nba subreddit, this is the true deadline day madness.


We are giving him a good opportunity though. With the Lakers he can be the focal point, whereas in Cleveland it was a bad fit from the very start .from all reports there were major locker room issues, it was far from a cohesive unit. So IT will get to show he’s healthy and put himself in the shop window for free agency this summer. And it’s not a foregone conclussion the Lakers don’t resign him. If we can’t land Lebron and PG13 we might bring him back. The guy was 5th place in MVP voting only a year ago, and we will play more to his style.


How can he be the vocal point when Lonzo plays his position tho?


Well Lonzo hasn’t been playing because of an injured knee. Just as a precaution they might hold him out of a lot of games down the stretch because we probably won’t make the playoffs. However he most likely will take over the Clarkson role anyways which is 6th man off the bench, Clarkson got as many minutes as the starters usually. IT is good off the ball too which is what the Lakers want to do, they might be able to play in the same lineup as well.


Dame with 50 in under 3 quarters :eyes:


4th time 50+ in his career, Dame is a cold blooded killer offensively.


Cavs put +22 past Boston at the night of the Truth’s jersey retirement, I’m liking this rejuvenated Cavs, don’t know how long will it last, but it sure makes the two top spots a bit harder to get for Boston and Toronto.


Seems the trades have slightly helped what was disgusting Cavs defence, be interesting to see who comes out of the East.


4.5 games seperate 3rd-10th in the West.


They’ll never beat Cleveland or reach the NBA Finals but the job Duane Casey is doing in Toronto deserves to be mentioned. They are well on there way for their best record in franchise history.


I’m sure San Antonio, Minnesota and OKC are not going to drop out of the top five.


Ohhh Canada :rofl:

South Park has made me unable to take Canada seriously.


Golden State with some payback on OKC after losing easily to them twice previously this season. 112-80 win at the Oracle.


Ball 100% off the field yesterday. At the end of the day he’s having a decent season; you can’t really fault a rookie when he is having a 10-7-7 season. His father didn’t do him a favour with all the hyping up.


What does this mean?


Anothony Davis has been on another planet the last few games


That he was perfect in scoring. Didn’t miss a shot.