The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Cleveland are done, 27-18 now and conceded 148 vs OKC.


Great game today between the Rockets & Warriors which is Hopefully a preview of the Western conference finals.


Boogie tore his Achilles, massive blow for the Pelicans and my fantasy team.


Oh shit, that’s terrible.


Yeah I don’t like seeing the quality players get hurt, only silver lining is it gives my blazers a decent shot at the no 6 seed.


Big blow to the Pelicans,right when the twin towers started dominating, still hope they can make the PO, especially with the Cilppers and Utah lurking behind.


Blake Griffin traded to the Pistons, I didn’t see that coming at all :eyes:


There were rumblings for a while now that the Clippers would be shopping their guys. After they lost cp3 it was all down hill. Not that they were good enough to win it all anyways. Griffin was a bit of a surprise, everyone thought it was gonna be Deandre Jordan who was the trade bait. Looks like they are gonna go full rebuild. Haha fuck the clippers anyways.


OKC have blown Golden State out twice this season


Love it, i really like OKC.


Porzingis ACL :cry:


Yeah no good, so many quality players going down with bad injuries.


The thing about OKC is that Westbrook usually dominates on the offensive side against GSW cauae Steph can’t guard him, and it takes a lot out of Steph to try. OKC would have won that series a couple years back had Durrant not choked it away when they were 3 - 1 up.


OKC are probably the biggest underachievers in my time following basketball, they should have created a dynasty with that roster they had in 2012.


Yeah, but they didn’t want to offer Harden what he wanted and nobody really could have foreseen the rise of this Golden State team either. They have casted a pretty big shadow over LBJ’s legacy also. This Era should have been about Durant vs James indeed.


The greek freak


Lakers have the second best record in the NBA in the last 15 games, here we go Lakers are coming back!!


King James tonight just amazing.


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As a noob, his time line right now is very difficult to follow :joy: