The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


James Harden vs the Jazz today, 19-25 shooting, 7-8 from 3, 56-2-13.


I hope something good comes up in the trade market for Houston they are very close and I think they are the closest to being able to beat the Warriors in a 7 game series.


Kerr > D’Antoni defensively. I think that’s going to show in a play-off series.


That’s why they need to trade for someone that can protect the rim and help hide some of that defensive deficiency. I don’t know who that player is? Maybe Gobert?


W.O.J. Bomb


Big one for Milwaukee.

The Knicks are probably the first NBA team who will build around an European/foreign duo with Porzingis and Ntilikina? KP doing great things at least.


OKC currently 4-7 with the big 3 of Westbrook, George & Melo, just a bad fit ? Or taking a while to find chemistry?


think it’s taking awhile to find chemistry but they never find it with Melo, who now appears to be an overpriced spot up 3 pt. Shooter. I could see this going badly because Westbrook is going to revert to his normal self and start taking over again. Then Melo will start pouting.


Working out great for us laker fans Paul George will be here in no time.


What’s Lonzo Ball’s Field Goal % ? Just thought I’d check in on that one.


Why is it a big deal, Westbrook and a bunch of other future hall of famers all stars didn’t shoot or play at that level for their first couple years in the league, much less after the first 10 games.


You said he was Better than Simmons, Simmons is going at something like 17/9/8 on 50 % in his rookie season, 76ers also with a winning record :eyes:


No i didn’t. Lol wtf are u taking about.


Ok so you sort of sat on the fence, Simmons will have the superior career that’s all I’m saying.


Exactly, I never said that. For a 19 yo kid who just turned 20 the shit Lonzo is doing usually doesn’t happen. I’ll reiterate what I said because you obviously didn’t read. Simmons is older and a bigger guy, built for the league immediately. Lonzo was 19 just turned 20 two weeks ago. He has the talent he’ll have to improve his shot and bulk up, but he’s going to be a special player.

Simmons looks like he’ll be an all star for the next 10 years too but they are completely different players. Simmons is a 3 that can handle the ball, Lebron James esque. Lonzo is a pure PG and is going to be more like Jason Kidd. Very different styles. Historically the players like Simmons, wing players who can take the ball to the hoop, end up having a bigger impact on games and winning more titles than a pure PG type so you might be right about him having a better career, but It’s way too early to be having a conversation like that for now.

You can’t tell much from a one and done player. Almost every single time a guy like that comes into the league they are not prepared for NBA basketball. Simmons didn’t even play his rookie year. You can’t compare these kids with guys from the 80s or 90s either because those guys were coming into the NBA as 22 year old men and ready to contribute immediately. Look at Kuzma on the Lakers he went 27th in the draft but he’s 22 years old and ready for the physicality of the league. The guy was not highly touted by top scouts and he’s averaging 14 and 6 shooting 52%. When Lonzo is that age he’s going to be a lot better.


That’s the most sensible post I have read from you in months, might stick to speaking to you in the NBA thread as long as we don’t discuss Kobe vs LBJ haha.


I don’t disagree with your overall point, but 29% from the field is really bad. There are other examples of one-and-done players being decent/very good (John Wall etc). That alone is a bit weak reason imo. Obviously he has time to fix his shooting, but it has become a prerequisite for a point guard this day and age. Otherwise he’ll be another Rubio. Which isn’t bad if the team around him is build well, which I think the Lakers will accomplish, but still.


I used Westbrook as an example because he was around the same percent shooting in his rookie season, and he still can’t really shoot, hovers around 40 - 45%. And he was MVP last year. Everyone tries to emulate what the GSW are doing, but that type of offense really only works because they have 2 of the best statistical shooters of all time. The Lakers can build the team better and put some more shooters around Lonzo but he will be a more slash to the hoop type player that is going to look to distribute the ball first. Rubio is a stretch because Lonzo is doing a lot of other shit that is contributing to wins so far this season. Underrated defender, he had 4 blocks against boston and he had a bunch of steals against the wizards. He’s also averaging 7 boards and 7 assists. Guy is a baller. Yes he has to improve his shot but it’s something a lot of players have done tbh.


Westbrook probably isn’t the best example as the bloke is just a physical and athletic explosive beast for a point guard, but I see where you a coming from to a certain degree.


Lonzo was a better player at UCLA than Westbrook, he wasn’t the guy he is now coming out of college, not even close.