The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


NBA playoff games with 30 + points 5 + boards 5 + assists :eyes:


Another thing you’ve got to keep in mind as well is that the game has changed massively since Jordan, and the guys from the 80s played, even since Kobe played. When you aren’t allowed to hand check or get physical without getting a flagrant foul, a physical specimen like LeBron is basically impossible to guard.


Jimmy Butler traded to the Timberwolves for what looks like not a great deal for Chicago.


Damn lakers shoulda got him but we are gonna get George.


Reckon you get George now ? Or just in free agency in 12 months time ?


It’s safer to trade for him now, but I think Magic will wait they don’t wanna break up the young core of the team.


Butler though :disappointed: , Wade must be thrilled to play in that Bulls team now, although after picking up his 23m$ option, he wouldn’t be that pissed.


Chris Paul traded to Houston, for a 1st round pick, Beverly, Dekker and Lou Williams.
Blake Griffin is a FA.
Clipper returning to their roots of being a shitty team.


Good fuck the clippers.


This time with Jerry West as advisor and a owner who really has a passion for the club/sport. But yeah it needs to be seen what they are going to do.

I think Chris Paul is the next player who is going to make a run for ‘greatest player who never won a Championship’.


Chris Paul might finally get to a conference finals now but I really thought he should have tried to find a way to get to the Spurs.


Paul George traded to OKC :eyes:


Hahaha what a terrible trade for the Pacers. We were offering two first round draft picks and Julius Randle or Jordan Clarkson. This is perfect because Westbrook is a bit of a selfish player, OKC aren’t going to do much in the West especially and George will sign with us next year as a free agent. I was more worried either the Celtics or Cavs would get him. This is much better for us.


I don’t see PG re-signing with OKC.


I think OKC will be a top 4 team in the West, it seems PG is desperate to get to LA though.


Cavs were already cruising the East conf…Wolves picking up Jeff Teague, they seem to be doing some good business lately.


The celtics might land Hayward. They will be a bit closer to the cavs if that happens but not close enough.


Taj Gibson joining the Wolves too, Thibodeau bringing his old Bulls to Minnesota.


Melo joining George and Westbrook at OKC.


Boston vs Cavs for the Conf finals, the regular season in the East is far from interesting.