The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


I’d love nothing more than LeBron to beat them in the finals in consecutive seasons.


Noooo LeBron can’t be getting so close to tying Kobe.


LeBron already goes down as the greater player even if he only wins the 3 rings.


I wouldn’t say their pad is insanely easy. They are just that good. San Antonio won 61 games and wouldn’t be the underdogs against Cleveland.


Cleveland would beat San Antonio in no more than 5 games without Kawhi.


Spurs’s reliance on Kawhi disappoints me, they would’ve won the first game, if he didn’t get injured, even though the Warriors have the best roster , I expected a little more than a sweep.


Plus Tony Parker out injured, and David Lee went down in game 3 with the Spurs leading. A healthy Spurs team gives them some trouble…GSW are good enough they don’t need all this luck too.


Amazingly Boston had a chance to get it back to 2-2 tonight, up 16 halfway through the 2nd and LeBron with 4 fouls. In the end LeBron still finished with 34-5-6 and Uncle Drew was the star of the show with 42. Cavs up 3-1.


Game 1 of the NBA finals today, hopefully it really is a good series after what has been a boring predictable post season.


Cmon Warriors!!


If the Cavs won again it would be hilarious, LBJ would have a case for GOAT. In saying that I’m tipping the Warriors in 6.


Warriors winning the first two games by about 20 and simply have to many offensive weapons. If I’m being honest should they keep this big 4 together they could potentially win 4 or 5 in a row.


I can’t see the Cavs winning this tbh, KD’s been superb so far, really gives an edge to an already well-oiled machine, add also the fact that Klay Thompson hasn’t yet found his shooting form in this series.


Heroic effort from the Cavs only to throw it all away in the last 2 minutes.


James and Irving nearly go for 80 and still can’t beat this GSW team at home. They will now sweep the post season and probably win the next 4-5 straight. Durant joining a fellow MVP and 3 all stars has killed the game.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but Lebron might be the best worst player of all time if that makes sense lol. Explanation being that I was watching the game and telling my wife how Lebron is one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen play. However at the end of the game he shrunk away in a big moment…again. They need one bucket and he passes to Kyrie, and then he gets the ball stolen. He has a habit of doing this and he may have just thrown away another series. When the Cavs lose this he’ll be 3 - 5 in the finals. Jordan 6 - 0, Kobe 5 - 2, Magic 5 - 4, Kareem I think was 6 - 4 off the top of my head.


They won’t win that many in a row. I’ve been watching the NBA a long time, something unexpected will happen.


Kobe won 3 of those rings playing 2nd fiddle, he ain’t close to James.


So what? First of all Kobe didn’t have a stacked team. Kobe was a bigger player in the biggest moments, you couldn’t give Shaq the ball at the end of games because he couldn’t shoot free throws. In 2000 Shaq fouled out and Kobe took over in OT and the Lakers took a 3 - 1 lead over the pacers. Kobe was the key in the Lakers getting to the NBA Finals the next year when he dismantled the Kings. Shaq doesn’t win without Kobe either. Besides Lebron has had an easy path to the finals every year in the east
What Kobe did on the biggest stages is far greater than anything Lebron has ever done.


Yep and Kobe also led the Lakers to a Game 7 win over the Celtics in 2010 by going a massive 6/24 from the field. Btw when I’m home from work I will post Shaq and Kobe’s respective numbers from the 2000-2002 NBA finals.