The NFL Thread


I respect him, but I’ve also been very frustrated with him. He’s a really good coach, but I just don’t think he’s a Super Bowl winning one.


Belichick has done it again!


Rams looking beast rt now, 67 - 10 total aggregate score right now lol.


Come on Kroenkes!


Damn was hoping the Eagles would get Gordon, in desperate need of a healthy WR right now.


I know the Belichick/Brady partnership has been very succesful and won five superbowls, but the NFL is actually a League where anybody can win and parity is a thing?


I think their conference is really weak compared to the others no?

Kinda like how whoever LeBron plays for in the east makes it to the NBA finals each year.


Yeah Dolphins, Jets and Bills are all joke teams. AFC in general is pretty shite at the moment. More than the conference being weak I think spying on the opposition, getting bullshit calls, deflating balls and selling your soul to the devil is a good way to make the superbowl.


I’d say the NFL is the best sport to ensure parity and equality of opportunity as much as it can.

Quality coaching and a competent front office will be rewarded but its a symbiotic relationship, you can’t have sustained success with one or the other missing.

The patriots Dynasty is remarkable because the NFL, by deliberate design, was not meant to have one team so dominant for so long. It’s really down to the obsessive brilliance of Brady and Belichick.

The LA Rams is actually quite a good case study. They went from 4 wins to Superbowl favourites in a very short space of time.


And then there’s Cleveland :joy:


Cleveland tho are probably the most poorly run franchise in all of sports.