The NFL Thread


Damn Pats getting handled atm


Pats’ pocket is collapsing too fast.


Should be an interesting finale

TB12 sixth ring incoming


I don’t know know what I expected.

Tories in power. Trump president. Man United getting Alexis. New England Patriots winning.

Evil always wins people. Fuck this planet.


Pats were there for the taking but the jags d line was whack hardly got any pressure all day.

Looks like Pats are gonna walk it, there are no good QBs left and the Minnesota defense isn’t all that good either. The way you beat New England is by dominating both lines of scrimmage.


If your d line is whack then that’s always the likely outcome imo


Well i didn’t watch the Jags much this season, only when they played the Rams, and we beat them on their home turf. They had the best defense statistically but you can’t put too much faith in that because all NFL teams play different schedules, and the majority of their games came against a bad division.


What do people make of Vince McMahon relaunching the XFL? Is it just doomed to failure again?


Theres an opening right now. Ppl are disenchanted with the NFL for many reasons. My thinking is Vince thinks he can capitalize on that.


Thats what he thought back in 1999 too though.


Is it? I don’t recall the reason he started the league in 1999. Honestly back then I think the NFL and the product of Football were just massively successful and Vince thought he could get in on it. Back in 1999 Tagliabue was still the Commisioner and the sport was much healthier, once Godell took over it started struggling. Ratings in the US have been dropping, and there are multiple reasons. The major one being the concussion scandal and the subsequent cover up. A lot of ppl feel that the NFL is pretty grimy because of that.


Yeah I read somewhere parents are discouraging from playing the sport due to increased concussion fears.

‘Soccer’ is taking over


My post should have been more of a question than a statement :slight_smile:


Lol yes that is correct. Youth football registration has dropped by 20%.


I lack Historical context. What made the NFL great in the past?


That’s just one reason. There are many others. It’s the one I care most about tbh, what they did in the name of greed is absolutely disgusting. Watch the movie Concussion with Will Smith, gut wrenching what these billionaire fat cats knew and tried to cover up.

I’ll make a prediction that Vince’s football league is going to really play up the nationalism aspect too. The right wingers are triggered out here because a lot of the NFL players were refusing to stand for the national anthem in protest to the treatment of minorities by the police as well. It’s been a big talking point and one of the theories as to why the ratings are dropping.


Baseball used to be America’s game but the NFL stole that title away in the early to mid 90’s. Mainly I would atrribute the popularity of football directly to how easy and fun it is to gamble on the sport. Fantasy football is gigantic here, pretty much every type you can imagine. Full long seasons, one day only gambling fantasy football, and then of course just straight up gambling against the Vegas point spread. People are obsessed and it’s turned all the NFL games into a must watch for most ppl. If you live in California but Minnesotta and Cleveland are playing a game with several of your fantasy players, you are gonna be watching regardless of whether or not ur a fan of either team. Theyve had this strangle hold on sports for about 20 years I’d say, coinciding with internet Fantasy football taking root. Only until the recent scandals did the ratings start to suffer a bit.

@sevchenko to illustrate how big fantasy football is, on sports talk radio during football season most shows will have a FF expert come on and you can call in and ask for his advice on which players to play that week. It’s fucking mental, lmao I’m not a fan so it’s annoying af to me.


The CTE stuff and I suppose the kneeling thing has put people off I think.

If definitely needs a huge overhaul if it is to survive into the next couple generations. But will the NFL do that?


Can see the Eagles winning this. Foles to go HAM


What time is this on?