The Motorsport Thread


Ah shit didnt realise there was an Indy race today. Meant to be following that sort of thing now :eyes:


They had a double header. One yesterday which Graham Rahal won and a race today, Sato is on the pole. Starts in 30 minutes.


Just seen this reply.

Missed it again lol


Lol all good. It was an exceptional race though again.


So errrrr the Indycar was just a TAD mental last night wasn’t it @Arsenal4thetreble? :laughing: Fantastic racing. So much action throughout. The race delay really pushed things super late. I stayed up for the whole thng, it didn’t finish until near enough 5am :arteta:


Yeah my boy Kimball started on the pole, but I actually didn’t see the race. I was out with the wifey at Disneyland for the Cars 3 movie premier. I saw all the drivers saying the race was crazy on instagram but what the hell happened??


Japanese reliability :arteta:

Now leading Toyotas drop out the LM 24h in the space of 30 mins!


Enjoy your halo cars lads, this is the beauty us IndyCar fans get to see next year :giroud2:


That thing won’t move as quick as it does seeing as it has a Honda engine haha.

For me there should always be an element of risk when driving, plus I’m pretty sure every racing driver on the circuit will say the same. That doesn’t mean to say it can’t be safe, I just think the halo is too ott. Besides, I’m not even sure how many serious injuries it would prevent. The Bianchi incident couldn’t have been prevented by it, that was pure stupidity by race control.


Mid Ohio qualifying rt now. Should be an amazing race the course is known for being a good one. If you missed Toronto last week that was an epic race as well. Indy keeps getting better and better, the sport is maybe the best I’ve seen it since the 90’s Andretti, Unser days.

Bahhh power on the poll zzzzzzz


Mid Ohio was a good race. Slightly tailed off a bit in the second half, but overall was good fun and some really quality moves, especially the race winning pass by Newgarden on Power, awesome dummy that was! He’s looking on good form right now, but it’s been so close this season, it’s changing a lot from week to week. The two ovals next could play a big part. Dixon had a pretty terrible weekend which is unusual for him round this track.

I doubt anyone has any interest in Formula E, but that was some really great racing again in the season finale in Montreal. Whether people like it or not, maunfactures are putting money into Electric cars and this series is going to grow and get better.

One hilarious moment when Buemi went all out attack on several drivers after the race and just went ape shit at everyone :arteta:


@mysty Indycar season starts on Sunday!! St. Petersburg Grand Prix at 12:30 Eastern. Gonna be exciting!! The new car looks amazing as well!!

Mysty?? Mysty??..damn gonna be bored talking to myself in this thread all year lol.


In case anyone is interested, the St Pete gp was epic. Poor Robert Wickens. He is a rookie, started on the poll, battled all day only to get into an accident with 2 laps to go with the 2nd place car. Allowed my boy Bordais to finish 1st under a yellow flag. Happy for Bordais though, he had a nasty crash at the Indy 500 last year during qualifying. Broken pelvis, and hip, ugly ugly crash. He started in 11th as well, he just had a great strategy.


For all the F1 fans who are getting bored with the sport, I strongly suggest taking a look at Indycar this year. In the first race there were more than 300 on course passes. They are basically doing the opposite of F1. The new aero kit has 20% less downforce to allow for more passing, and it looks sexy af.



All change at LeMans, and these rules have me hyped tbh. Think Ferrari maybe should leave the shitshow that is F1, and get the LeMans overall wins record back again.


Live Stream as Alonso and Toyota go for LeMans glory.

Come on Nando, end the curse.

for the Eurosport coverage


Alonso’s wins! Fantastic work during the night got him and Toyota the win and breaks their curse!


You really did miss me huh @Arsenal4thetreble :sweat_smile: Of course I’ve been watching Indycar all season. Been lots of really good races this season, I think the new aero kit has generally been a success. Though oddly the oval races haven’t been as crazy as previous years. I thought the Indy 500 this year was a bit tame tbh

The race at Mid Ohio was bloomin brilliant. Great racing throughout. Bourdais was hugely entertaining and impressive in his passes. It was good to see such quality of racing, which result in a caution free race! Strategies played out nicely too.

I think the title will still go to Dixon though, the guy is always really consistent and rarely makes mistakes. Healthy lead. Rossi and co need to have a very good run to the end of the season to even have a chance of winning.


Yeah Dixon had a down year last season, but he’s back strong. Chip Ganassi is a strange team, they used to run 3 cars and now they’ve only got two and the other car besides Dixon isn’t competitive whatsoever. It’s all about Penske and Andretti nowadays. Rossi has been really good this season, and he’s really young too. Surprised F1 let him get away.

The ovals have been weird this year because of that new aero kit, less down force. The cars have been on rails at ovals since I can remember but now there is a lot less room for error so they can’t go like 3 or 4 wide like they once could. Still it makes the road courses a hell of a lot better, been some beauties this year!

Oh and the best bit of news. Indycar announced they’re going back to Laguna Seca next year!!