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Last week kind of already sealed it for him because Power crashed and didn’t even finish the race. So unless the same happens to Pagenaud today, yeah he should have it wrapped up. You never know with Indy though! I’ve seen stranger things happen.


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Last week kind of already sealed it for him because Power crashed and didn’t even finish the race. So unless the same happens to Pagenaud today, yeah he should have it wrapped up. You never know with Indy though! I’ve seen stranger things happen.
[/quote]I remember the year when Franchitti won his first title in 2007. Was between him and Dixon. Amazingly they were the only 2 cars left on the lead lap after the last caution, only a few laps to go. Whoever won the race would win the title. They were neck and neck on the restart. Then with one corner left on the final lap, Dixon suddenly runs out of fuel and Dario won the title!

The only way he’ll lose tonight is if someone T-Bones him, which can happen with some of the numpeties in this series, or he gets caught out with timing of fuel stops and ends up at the back. He’ll do the business though.


So Pagenaud wins it, but Rahal made it interesting. I love Rahal he’s such an aggressive driver, but Penske in the end had the top 3 in the championship standings.


Pretty awful finale that, barely anything happened all race :sleeping: And then Power of all people has the car breaking down on him.

I like Sonoma track, but never been a fan of moving it to the finale. Think it works better when they used to stick something like a big oval such as Fontana as the finale. But Pagenaud was a class apart today and all season, throughly deserved the title. As you say, Rahal gave it a go near the end. Did well in the last few races to salvage his season with a 5th overall.

Overall, this season had some good races, but by recent season standards, it wasn’t quite as exciting as normal. But hey ho, hopefully next season will be closer. 6 month long break for them now!


@Mysty Indy starting up again this weekend. St Petersburg Grand Prix, my body is ready :giroud2:

Marco Andrettii of all people, fastest in the first practices today. I guess the biggest news is that Josef Newgaarden joined Penske over the break. He’s a young up and comer, it should be interesting to see how he can do with the best team now. Juan Pablo Montoya made way, not surprisingly either because a couple years back almost won the championshio but last year he was mostly not competitive. Shame too, I’m not a fan of Penske but JPM seemed lile a nice guy amd was robbed of the title with that stupid, final race = double points rule.


So Sebastian Bordais wins, starting from 21st (last place)!! And that’s the reason I love this series. Anyone can win. Bordais is a great driver, but his team Dale Coyne racing, actually has the smallest budget and they beat all the big boys. It was a fun race to watch.


Another fantastic fucking race. I am making this post from the parking lot lol. Long Beach Grand Prix was fucking amazing. Yeah sure I’m like 5 beers and 5 shots of tequila in, but i was impressed af. James Hinchcliff wins with only 2 pit stops the rest of the field took 3! Leet strat tbh.


Alonso qualified in the top 9 with a great qualifying run. He’s fortunate to get on the Andretti team, those Honda’s are fast he’s gonna have a good chance to qualify way up there and maybe even win the race. Terrible crash today too btw, Sebastien Bourdais going about 235 mph straight into the wall. Broken pelvis and hip, sucks because he was the fastest car and one of my favorite drivers :pensive:


Wow that was a brilliant Indy 500. Chuffed for little Takuma. Always been real fast, but so accident prone. But he was so ballsy at the end. Alonso was hugely impressive throughout the race. Led for a good while and strong pace all day. Such cruel luck to have an engine failure with 20 laps to go. Nice round of applause from the fans.

The other major talking point was the utterly frightning accident for Scott Dixon. Holy smokes, it was a scary crash.

So much drama and action all race, a heck of a lot of cautions today. Great race once again.


Holy shit. Did he walk away uninjured?


Yep! He’s had a medical check up, but he was interviewed and everything, escaped injury. Very lucky.


“The safety cell on these cars guys…I can’t tell you how strong they are”

They’d bloody have to be for him to walk out unscathed from that! :flushed:


Insane crash, I’m happy for Sato too.


This was the first Indy 500 I’ve ever watched properly, not gonna lie it was because of Alonso.

I was pleasently surprised how enjoyable it was. Ive always held the notion that speedway racing is boring, but this was a mental race from start to end. Throughout the event I gradually started appreciating the skill needed to pick the right moments to overtake and other aspects.

Shame for Alonso in the end, he brought he engine omens with him today. But what a brilliant and mad end to the race, with 5 cars smashing up on the restart and Sato eventually winning. I stuck 2 quid om Sato at 17-1 about 20 laps before the end due to the commentator saying something like ‘‘Sato is known to go for it and doesnt hold back’’. Haha

It was a good spectacle and the presence of Fernando made it special. I might start actively following the Indy series as they’ve had a different race winner each event this season.


If you saw the qualifying for the 500 you’d have an even bigger appreciation. Going 235 mph into a turn where one slight mistake leads to a hip and pelvic bone break and operation the same night (what happened to Sebastian Bordais last week) These guys have big brass balls. The 500 is always epic. I’m a bigger fan of the road courses tbh, but the indy series is much more exciting than F1 regardless.

@Mysty James where the fuck have you been? It’s been a fantastic season and ive had nobody to discuss it with!! :grin:


Haha sorry man. I do watch all the races, I just haven’t bothered posting in here :sweat_smile: I watch so many different series, peoole would probably get sick of me if I bumped it every week :laughing: So I post when it’s worth while.

@Midfield_Maestro It’s been interesting to see how many people I’ve heard say it’s their first Indy 500 they’ve watched and how much they enjoyed it. Indycars a great series with its various mix of tracks and with the ability of many drivers able to win. When it comes to the ovals, these cars do work at their best at places like Indy, where it’s fast and long.

When they raced at a different oval at Phoenix last month, it was short and bloody awful for racing, one of the most boring races I’ve watched in ages. So sometimes the stereotype of oval racing being boring, can be very true lol. But when it’s a big wide layout like Indy, then it’s truly magic.


So Lewis Hamilton is talking shit on my boys in Indycar :confused:

@mysty what did you think of the race?


That’s Lewis for ya. Always makes cheap shots at others, it’s how he rolls unfortunately. He’s the same bloke that’s not interested in ever doing Le Mans 24 hours either. When he’s done with F1, he’ll probably just go off to do whatever mainstream thing he has his eye on next to make it ‘big’ in America. Your lot can have him :laughing: Great driver, but such an odd personality.

Race was okies, some good passes and battles here and there but not too much drama really. Rahal had it well under control, good win for him. Dixon too finishing 2nd, 6 days on from his huge accident was impressive, plus Hintchy in 3rd after his lap 1 spin. Most surprising was how bad Pagenaud and Power were yesterday really.

On another note, awesome three races at Mugello for MotoGP. I bet @Luca_from_Italy is one very proud Italian today :giroud:


Shame about Valentino :santi:


He did a good job all considering how beaten he was before the weekend. But I’ve always had a soft spot for Dovi. A model of professionalism and extremely underrated. Waited so long to win again and now it seems starting to make it a bit more regular :slight_smile:

I’m more concerned about Honda’s crappy pace in the last few races. Their bike is all over the place right now, some places it’s good, and other places it’s nowhere. Vinales is gonna be tough to break to the title this season. Brilliant season though so far.