The League Cup

3-0 United, that’s the tie.

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United vs Newcastle should be a pretty good final.

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Poor showing by Forest in this second half. Seems like the tie got too big for them in the end.

was Danilo any good?

According to the people, yes


But which united to support.

Newcastle and Everton are probably the two biggest clubs never to have won this trophy.

Is that a serious question?

I assume it is, lots will see Newcastle as Saudi owned scum now.

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Surprised I haven’t read, or ive missed, talk of Jacob Murphy waving to the Saints player who was sent off

For a professional footballer to be doing that to a colleague, sums Newcastle up for me as a club

Since when?

I saw a photo of that incident, I thought it was quite amusing. Hardly a great crime to mildly take the piss out of your opponent imo.

It obviously wasnt murder, but I just thought it was the wrong thing to do

Lacked professionalism, I doubt Arteta would be happy if one of our players did the same thing

Xhaka almost fought off a kid in a EL match a few months ago.

Don’t think Arteta would care much about some shithousery on the field. I think he actually likes that.

I know there’s the Guendouzi incident people reference but I doubt that had anything to do with his banishment. There were issues before that and it’s very likely something else happened behind the scenes that day.

I think that Brighton incident had a lot to do with Guen leaving.

And as for Xhaka, his many instances lost him the armband and nearly his place at the club unless he changed his ways and how he played.

I just didnt like it. If I was Howe, I wouldnt be happy with that.

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Not under Arteta. In fact, he’s praised him for some of it as well, saying he’s passionate and cares a lot.

Arteta did an interview where he said that unless Xhaka changed then he would have gone.

Ramsdale has a few antics that could be questioned if your going down that road.


Thats to the fans who give him stick so he gives it back

Not the same as doing it to a player who has just been sent off IMO

His game(transitioning to his new more advanced role), not his attitude.