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It’s true that better schools, in better areas, have better exam results, but not because the children are brighter, but because the schools are geared towards passing exams.

So private school pupils get better exam results simply because teachers are very good at teaching pupils to pass exams.

What the Tories fail to realise, or choose to ignore, is that just because you went to Eton or Harrow, doesn’t make you more intelligent, as people like Johnso, Cameron, Osbourne etc have proved, it just makes you more qualified.

So we end up with a country where the rich get to the highest positions but people from poorer families, who maybe far more suitable, don’t get the same opportunities, so they lose out, and so do the rest of us, because the top jobs only go to the privileged few that just happen to come from wealthy homes.


They may well do better, but for who? As a whole, standards have gone up from the past 20 years in comps. I want a government that tries to work for be many, not for a few. It’s a popular bill with the Rory back benches, that’s why it’s happening.

Theresa May was torn apart in the commons by Corbyn over this, she cannot possibly justify this.


Corbyn to get elected with 60% today?


I think it’ll be by less than 60% because the party has very efficiently purged anyone they could determine might vote Corbyn. No doubt that a reduction in minority in itself will be portrayed as some kind of crisis.


The party has gone to great lengths to make it’s self look as shitty as American democrates


Wow he won by 61.8% boom



Labour have a while to cement Policy so I’m not worried about that right now . I’m more worried that the PLP will continue to make mischief for him . This cuntoid Chukka Ummna keeps throwing out granades at Corbyn then accuses corbyn supporters of bullying when in fact its the underhand methods him and his cronies have used that have lead labour down a dark alleyway.
Even funnier is they now want a clean slate whilst still plotting against him !
Corbyn has had to waste a year on figthing the enemy within and im afraid he will spend next year doing it too.


I do wonder what happens if Labour win an election. Same line for months - decent bloke but can’t lead and can’t win an election, so if he does, will everyone be behind him?

Now that Brexit is happening UKIP really have nothing to say, because they can’t criticise a union we’re no longer going to be fully in, and they can’t criticise an immigration policy that doesn’t exist, so it makes sense that the working classes could believe in a more “for the people” kind of party.

If nobody can question Corbyn on policy (except maybe its economic viability which I guess will be tested in the upcoming months/years but I think it says a lot that we had a two horse race with overall quite similar views on many things) then that says to me it’s something people might want to vote for.

I’m just glad Smith lost. I thought he was okay but as it went on he looked more and more like a cunt. He made himself look petty saying he’d never serve in a Corbyn shadow cabinet whereas Corbyn had the open goal of “I’d love to work together”. He resorted to the old fashioned style of “Jeremy sucks/Jeremy is incompetent because…” rather than a positive “vote for me because…”. Corbyn looked like the bigger man every time they spoke together because he wasn’t making it personal. I was ready to hear a good alternative to Corbyn but he just didn’t provide it.

I don’t think Corbyn gets the credit he deserves for fighting this either. It’s clear they thought if it’s clear we’ve given up on him he’ll have to resign but he didn’t falter when I bet 90% of the coup members would have folded themselves. He speaks with passion every time I see him and he won’t be bullied, that sounds like what people want in a politician, doesn’t it?


One of the reasons there is such a sustained attack on Corbyn is because he just might win .
Old money loved Blair and Brown because they did what Big Business told them to do .
They were vetted b4 they were allowed to come to power and attended the then more secretive Bildeberg meetings long before his election to No.10 .
The thought of an honest man who might rock the boat bieng elected scares them shitless !


If this is true, And it wouldn’t suppose me at all if it was then their is no chance corbyn will ever get into power, He will have a mysterious heart attack or develop cancer before it happens


They wont need to,as much as I joined the labour party because of him and want him to do well I have zero confidence in him still bieng leader in 2020 when the next election comes around ! Heart attacks and cancer arent the way of the new world order kaner,he will be pushed under a train or commit suicide in a field or a plane crash over Cuba ! !


Hugo Chavez got hit with them cancer rays


I liked Hugo but he thought he was Simon Bolivar and wasnt efficient else he coul;d have done much more !


Hard to be efficient when your working against the goals of the mighty US of A and the corporations that have big influence in Venezuela

Have you seen the Oliver stone documentary (or fluff peace depending on your viewpoint) called "south of the border?


Venezuela is yet another country that the USA fcukd over after they dared to nationalise their Oil and wrench it back from Exxon Shell and co (Lagoven,Corpoven,Maraven then later PDVSA ) corruption hasnt helped and now the Chinese have taken it over as its on its knees ! No I havent seen the doc.
I have a soft spoke for Venezuela and it’s people as I use to visit there a lot with my job as my company had a consulatancy with PDVSA . The people were lovely and didnt mind the fact they had 2 drive 2 hrs a day each way to get to work ! ! !


Definately watch it, its about how Chavez got elected and then almost thrown out by a US backed coup but was then busted out of prison and got into power it’s amazing


Regarding Jackie Walker, there’s something quite disturbing about non Jews telling actual Jews that they are racist against their own race.

I haven’t fully made my mind up on the Jackie Walker stuff at the moment, but the above is bothering me.


I have seen Jackie Walker speak, and to be perfectly honest, if there is anti semitism in some parts of the party, then I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s involved. Her comments are frequently unfortunate to say the least. Questioning why Holocaust Memorial Day isn’t more wide ranging for example - Certainly there’s a case that non Jewish victims of the Holocaust require greater remembrance (not comparatively but just in general) however Walker seems when she talks about it to be more interested in marginalising remembrance of Jewish victims which is obviously totally wrong.

I’ve been put off taking more of an interest in Momentum because of their aggressive and unconstructive attitude in general but I do worry about them and the issue of anti semitism particularly.


In what way do you consider Momentum aggressive or unconstructive? Speaking as someone who is a member of Momentum I don’t recognise either assertion. What you can say about Momentum is that it’s a new organisation finding its feet, with a broad set of views within in, and very few centralised structures, which can be both positive and negative. I haven’t seen any anti Semitism whatsoever.

On the issue of Jackie Walker I suspect Momentum will be very divided on the issue. Momentum is surprisingly a very Jewish influenced organisation, with lots of Jewish members and 3 on the steering committee - Lansmann, Schneider, and of course, Jackie Walker. The origin of all of this of course stems from the fact that the left is generally very pro Palestine. I’m not a big fan of Jackie Walkers comments nor making them at foolish times, but I do feel a bit concerned about how quick non Jews (especially in media etc.) are to condemn a Jew for anti-Semitism when they aren’t even Jewish themselves.