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I think the idea to let members select cabinet ministers is an attempt to stave off Tom Watsons’ plan to have the PLP choose everyone. My understanding is that it would be a three way thing with Corbyn, the PLP and members each allowed to select a certain number. Presumably there would then be a slate etc. to select from. That’s not so bad.


I dont agree with a lot of Corbyns ideas but I do know I trust him more than the people who run the country now who are basically selling off the NHS and anything else they can grab to their mates and screwing ALL of us in the process. Tax and spend are a massive issue but neither party have tackled the huge problem of coporations not paying tax which could sooth the spend without sending them packing for the shores of singapore and lake geneva . The Tories arent doing much to reign in the national debt right now either .
If u make money in this country you should pay tax ,simple .


Corporation tax is a world issue not local issue. It isn’t going to be solved by whoever we elect even of it was their number one goal and sole purpose.


Panorama with another amature attempt at discrediting Corbyn last night.
No matter how much editing they do and trying to use scare tactics it falls flat as the opposition blandness is so poor. In fact it highlights why Corbyn gains more support.


The attempted hatchet job on Momentum via the programme Dispatches, was atrocious. An undercover reporter in Momentum head office for 6 months and they found nothing. Absolutely nothing. All they got was a meeting which had Trotskyites in it - and it was a meeting held by AWL a Trotskyite organisation lol, so no surprise there, and the meeting was open to the public, so why secretly film it and pass it off as expose? Oh and some expert who said Momentum had breeched data protection and that man turned out to be none other than Allister Campbell’s brother lol.


I’d agree with most of that, we will get a streamlined NHS in future the way it’s going.

Corbyn really doesn’t have solid plans for tackling tax avoidance. His current plans wouldn’t net him enough to cover his spending plans. If the Tories with all their cuts aren’t reigning in the national debt, can you imagine what state we’ll be in under Corbyn who wants to drastically increase spending?

I also like the Tories grammar school policy for my daughters sake. Most of the secondary schools from the poverty stricken area that I’m from are failing, most the kids pick on studious kids that they consider 'swot’s. If we had a grammar school we’d have 1 high attaining school we could get her into where she’d reach her potential. The Champagne Socialists are fine with comprehensives as they can move to an expensive area and get their kid into a great school anyway.

You could in theory put a extra sales tax on all consumer goods without head offices based in the UK. You can’t really do that if they’re based in a country where you have a free trade agreement though


So the solution would be to stick all the “clever kids” in one school that will get all the funding and support and leave the less fortunate ones in schools that would be even worst than we have now??

Don’t you think it would be a better idea to raise standards in all schools instead of making 1 elite one for the chosen few?


There was a hatchet job on channel 4 to last night


And what happens if your daughter isn’t actually as smart as you think she is, or has a bad day the day of the entry exams and ends up not getting into the grammar school?


That’s what he is on about.


I don’t think they could get any worse than they are now. My missus is a teacher and has taught in Bradford schools, they currently are all failing for the most part. All the teachers want out because of poor head teachers or terrible discipline. Discipline, needs to be managed on a whole school basis, or it quickly fails. At one school my missus taught at a teacher got her arm broken and there are various other assaults on teachers aside from swearing and abuse towards teachers. The teachers/behavioural management knew that the kids have an area where they sit around and smoke weed and never tackled the issue. Now in that school my missus says she basically couldn’t teach a lesson plan half of the time because most of the time she’s trying to police unruly kids, some of them off their head. In her current school, also in a disadvantaged area has good discipline, so she can actually teach.

Discipline needs to be managed on a whole school basis. There’s behavioural management team that either drill the kids early with bollockings and punishes them or lets things slip. The only good school in a disadvantaged area she’s taught are are well managed with year 7s from day one basically not letting them step an inch out of line. You can contrast this with our nearest school where a teacher where teachers say the pupils run the corridors.

When my missus left the poorly disciplined school, more than half of the teachers the school. They had to get in PE teachers to teach English. After she left she received an email from an A Level pupil begging for tutoring because the deputy head wasn’t teaching, he continually left the class giving them book work and was found by said pupil in his office playing a computer game when he was supposed to be teaching.

Now I think all kids should have a good education but especially those who actually want to learn but in Bradford and the rest of the country there is no party with a policy to tackle these issues. Having more money will help but it won’t help a school with poor discipline with poor management.

Part of the problem is kids who don’t want to learn drag other kids down to their level. Kids and parents have some personal responsibility to aspire. That attitude of some to education is the polar opposite to what you’d see in Chinese schools or grammar schools. So yes children who want to learn should be separated from kids who don’t want to learn that will pull them down. There’s nothing elitist about that.


Ahh ok, there was something similar on BBC after I think


What about the children who want to learn but aren’t “smart enough” to get into the grammar schools?

It isn’t really a fair or accurate way to present the grammar schools issue when you act as if it is as simple as kids who want to learn vs kids who don’t.


We can ensure clever kids have a worse education but it’s fine because it’s fair.


socwhat happens if your daughter dosent get into the new grammar schools?


Plenty of extremely successful people went to comprehensive schools, You get a brilliant education in comprehensive schools if the government invests in them properly


The truth grammer schools don’t work any better than many comprehensives. This is a case of the tories going for their own ideological agenda than using any facts or advice from head teachers.


I was responding to a specific point/phrasing used by another member, because I wanted to see what he thought about the issue when framed differently. I didnt even offer an opinipn on grammar schools, so I’m not sure why this post was made in reply to me.


You’re right that the system would still let those kids down. I’ve seen arguments that good teachers will look to leave comps to teach in grammars but currently teachers are leaving schools on mass from deprived areas anyway.

The only solution is to improve the management of schools and demote heads of failing schools. Look at the good schools in deprived areas who get it right. Nearly always it’s Church of England or Catholic schools because they have strong discipline procedures and unlike most schools have a remit to teach ethics/right and wrong. Kids will always push their limits, it’s the schools job to shape good behaviour.

May was very right when she said it’s a post code lottery

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socwhat happens if your daughter dosent get into the new grammar schools

Well I’m 9 years off that stage but we intend to move to a better school area before then anyway, which means she should still get a good education. I’d try and get her to resit it in subsequent years. If we were stuck in the same area I’d consider private school.

There’s good comps and bad comps and at the moment it’s a post code lottery. For instance Blair’s kids went to one of the best comps in the country. Milliband went to one of the best comps in the country. You can be pretty sure they didn’t have new teachers every year, continual supply teachers which means they can’t do scientific experiments and PE Teachers teaching them English.

Ofcourse you could come out of school with no education and be successful in life, some of the kids who went to those schools will be successful. It’s just a lesser percent will do well.


That isn’t the ‘truth’. Standards are higher in grammar schools, behaviour is better, children want to learn and teachers only need to teach without worrying about behaviour management. Comps have more problems with behaviour management and teachers struggle to teach. Unless they’re in a catchment where most of the kids are from middle class backgrounds with positive attitudes to education.