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Typical run in to the May local elections bollocks. Right of the Labour Party aiming for shit results, and media as per usual echo the sentiment. Most comments tend to be about Israel anyway, though there may well be some minor anti-Semitism in the Party, but that’s just a statistical certainty. I’ve still yet to see any.


I’ve been following David Schneider (Tony Hares) on twitter for a while now. He gives a pretty good view on things from the point of view of a Jewish member of the labour party. I won’t pretend i know anything about it but he seems to think that while there are pockets of the party where it’s a problem there is still a lot more good than bad in the party as a whole.


Of course, it’s just a move to destroy Corbyn and bring the control of the Labour back. Shame they are using such an important issue. They are sneaky.


But he liked that mural on Facebook!!!


He did even celebrated Passover with jews! How anti-Semitic this is!


They sound like the Jewish version of the Quakers.


The left wing Jewish group Jewdas who Corbyn attended a pass over ritual with the other night have said while there is some antisemiticism it’s a smear campaign, here’s part of their argument:

This is not about dealing with antisemitism. Jonty Liebowitz has rightly complained in the Times of Israel that the Jewish communal leadership and the leader of the Labour Party are now in open opposition to each other for the first time in history. That is true. But it is a result of conscious decisions that the Jewish communal leadership have made.

When David Cameron decided to withdraw from Merkel’s centrist grouping in the European Union to team up with Holocaust deniers, white supremacists and unreconstructed fascists, our communal leadership decided that they could work with him. Whatever his faults, they’d influence him. This was not a communal crisis.

When Donald Trump declared to a room full of Jews that they wouldn’t like him because they couldn’t buy him, and hired Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist, Jonathan Arkush tweeted his warm congratulations. He nearly fell out of his seat celebrating when the same President risked World War Three by declaring Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel. This was not a problem for the Jews.

But decades ago our communal leadership decided that any criticism of Israel was beyond the pale. People could flirt with Nazis and threaten our communal life all they wanted, as long as they stood up for Israel. Far right evangelical Christians were our friends, while Jewish public figures like Gerald Kauffman, Hugo Gryn and Avi Shlaim were denounced as antisemites. As far as they were concerned, Corbyn was already beyond the pale before he started. They would not have needed any evidence to attack him. The evidence was already there in the fact that he championed the cause of the Palestinians.


Media = non Jews telling a mostly non Jewish audience that some Jews (Jewdas) aren’t properly Jewish, and hanging around with these ‘wrong’ Jews is Anti-Semitism.

Work that logic out lol.


Hi mate, can you have a word with your Scottish branch people?

These cretins are doing deals with Tories, allowing them to lead our council s through the back door.

Sick and tired of Scottish Labour. Independence isn’t even a council issue ffs.

Will never vote for these cunts ever again.

Sympathies with you guys down south though of course. But many more feel just like me now. Unelectable north of the border.


I thought Labour were making headway in Scotland.

I’m guessing what with Scottish Labour until recently having a right wing leader that it’s councils are still very much in Blairite hands. Good reason to actually vote Labour in May local elections, try and find out if your local candidates are in Momentum - if so get them in, and get rid of the twats. What’s your Scottish constituency, I’ll try find out for you.


I’m falkirk east. Don’t think they are momentum.


Thoughts? @JakeyBoy

I think he’s been very hard done by.


What is he supposed to have said?


I think it is absolute bullshit. Accusing someone of working “hand in hand” with The Telegraph does not equate to accusing them of being part of a Jewish media conspiracy, which is what certain people said he was saying. (edit: @Cristo in answer to your question)

It’s honestly just a spectacular leap to make, and I think it’s this kind of thing that encourages many on the left to put their fingers in their ears and decry any mention of antisemitism as being a smear against Corbyn/the left generally.

I think it’s the flimsiest of accusations, with nobody ever adequately explaining (imo) how what he said was antisemitic.


Yep, Marc Wadsworth is obviously guilty of nothing. He was accusing Smeeth of passing on anti-Corbyn information to the Telegraph, which is probably true. She then decided to read this as anti-Semitic, which is odd. The most natural response would be to deny the actual charges. Anyway, I don’t think Wadsworth was actually expelled for anti-Semitism but rather for bringing the party into disrepute, not that the media bother with this distinction as it wouldn’t fit the narrative.

And good to see that today the Russians apparently swung Labour’s success at the election by using Twitter bots. The MSM is a fucking joke. Anyone would think there was an election looming lol.


There will be plenty of people who will still believe that the expulsion was as a result of what was said and chalk it up to the big scary Jewish Lobby.


You do a lot of these anti semitism accusations would not hold any weight if investigated. The biggest one was the old labour mayor who just spouted accurate history. whenever you someone was they oppponet out it’s the go to thing. When that trot woman said those things about black people it blew over quicly and nobody said they had a race issue


I wouldn’t quantify what Ken said as anything close to ‘accurate history’.

His comments were highly ignorant, disrespectful and clearly anti semitic


He argued that Hitler supported Zionism.

That’s kind of correct from a stupid point of view, so I’d agree it was ignorant and possibly disrespectful, but it certainly wasn’t anti-Semitic. At least it shouldn’t be read as such without further corroborating evidence.


The forcible relocation of Jewish people based on racial inferiority has nothing to do with the ideology of Zionism. It ridiculous to even make that assertion, it’s not correct in any form.

The comment was clearly anti semitic especially when you consider the context of the interview, his indifferent tone and his poor actions afterwards.

The Party’s inability to deal with this matter a year after the incident gives plenty of ammo to leadership’s detractors. He should be expelled for bringing the party into disrepute. That would have sent a stronger message against antisemitism than expelling Marc Wadsworth. I don’t think you’d have a go Fund me set up for Ken’s appeal afterwards either