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There’s alot more to the situation that a couple of poorly thought messages 15 years ago. I think most people would agree it a non story if that were the case alone but It’s become apparent that Jared made misogynic comments to a women earlier this year.

Is she lying for monetary gain? So far she’s made appearances on BBC, Sky News and GMB. Maybe she’s telling the truth. I honestly don’t know


I’m no doubting that he called a an ugly fat bitch but in what context


Did he actually say this? :joy:

"I wouldn’t touch you with a manky woman’s cock you ugly bitch.”


Owen Jones is such a White Knight



I’ve gone from really liking Owen Jones a few years back to finding him a total twat.

Saying that I’ve met him a couple of times briefly and he seemed nice, but I’m on about his opinions really.


This whole O’Mara and Lewis thing is fucking ridiculous.

As if you aren’t allowed to even use the word “bitch” now, jokingly or not lol Fucking farcical.

Are we going to ban the words dickhead and cock now as well?

Everyone is so fucking trigger-happy and oversensitive now because of social media, it really is absurd.


What opinions of his make you now think he’s a total twat after initially liking him and meeting him and finding him a nice bloke?


The Clive lewis thing is a joke and was basically treated as much, nothing has come of that one has it?

The o’Mara stuff is a bit difrent IMO


The absolute boycott


I probably shouldn’t comment on how he is as a person as I really have no idea. Chatting to someone for a few minutes in a pub doesn’t really tell you anything right?

I used to like him as a left wing pundit - one of the few - precisely for that reason. Over the last year though I’ve watched him go from Corbynite to centrist back to Corbyn, always having a whinge, and a mood swing. Does my head in. I find him far too emo lol.






Don’t see the issue. The Stalinist comparison is laughable.


Progress are the centrist, sorry, “moderate”, equivalent of Momentum and I bet they wont be lending their support to any candidates unless they are sure that they are committed to their vision for what the Labour Party should stand for.

Momentum isn’t funded by lobbies or special interests, it’s a grass roots organisation made up of ordinary people who give up their time to campaign, I don’t see a huge issue with them seeking some sort of assurance from candidates they back that they will continue to support the ideals and policies they agreed to when seeking Momentum’s backing.

@Jules has it right. That Stalinist comment is just silly


I was surprised to hear Momentum have been doing this in some areas, because usually you’d know exactly who your candidates are and where they stand on issues, so my guess is this is where a local group are sceptical about a candidates sincerity or position. Probably some centrists changing tack to win votes, and this is Momentum’s response to it.

Interesting to see Haringey mentioned in the article. I was previously from that ward. Momentum have just kicked massive ass in the councillor selection process, and many of the right wingers have resigned their roles rather than lose in the voting. The mentioned Claire Kober did hang on (I’ve heard some pretty dodgy rumours about how she managed that), but she’ll get the old no confidence vote next year now, and her project to enter into the biggest land sell off in UK history is now dead in the water. The media are just freaking out over Haringey in general because it was seen as a ‘sane’ bit of London, but it’s just gone hard left lol.




Pathetic how the media and the right-wing Labour are getting on Corbyn’s back on every occasion. Now it seems the Labour is a sort of new Nazi party due to some antisemitism controversial.

I just think the Labour leader doesn’t like some Israel politics towards Palestine (so many high-profile jews like Grossman, Oz and Yehoshua). It doesn’t make him anti-Semitic.


It’s par for the course for a popular left wing politician. It was quite predictable that he would be smeared.


It’s a shame because there is an actual problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour party, the Tory party and politics in general.

Jews themselves have said they feel uncomfortable with the lack of action taken on anti-Semitism. However, this was happening before Corbyn too.

So that these dipshits are crying wolf and trivialising anti-Semitism in weak attacks against Corbyn, hurts Jews and everyone involved as his supporters begin to dismiss anti-Semitism altogether and don’t learn.

Funny that it seems to be non-Jews that are criticising him the most. (Also the ones that are criticising him to celebrating Passover with Jews!)