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That is a fucking superb reference :joy::joy: how the hell did anyone notice that


Ken loach man wtf


What do?


To be fair Peep Show is one of the most memorable and quotable shows around. I remember obscure Peep show quotes all the time haha especially because I rewatch the show pretty often



He has since come out and said “of corse the holocoust happened” but then repeated that history belongs to everyone” whatever that means


I don’t get why people can’t question holocust like other historical event. I never understand it’s blasphemy to even question numbers and match it against other evidence if the time. It’s like every time there is a big labour confrence there is anti semitism pops up in right wing press it’s becoming birding now. There is never any imperical evidence just he said she said coming out of the blairite wing of the party. But like every time it gets superseded by the content of the confrence.


It’s a matter of minimising a horrific crime against a people. That said the supposed anti-semitism in The Labour Party is a massive witch hunt full of lies and smear.


It means this:

Ken Loach on ‘false’ anti-Semitism claims by Labour MPs
Some Labour MPs are making “absolute mischief” over claims of anti-Semitism in the party, in a bid to destabilise Jeremy Corbyn because of his backing for Palestinians, claims Ken Loach.
The film-maker was suspicious of the “false stories of anti-Semitism”, which had surfaced since Mr Corbyn became leader.
He told Daily Politics presenter Jo Coburn that: “All history is our common heritage to discuss and analyse. The founding of the state of Israel, for example, based on ethnic cleansing is there for us all to discuss.”



Thoughts on this jared O’Mara scandal? Guido is really doing on job on him.

I seriously don’t like the guy but think it’s being blown out of proportion a little?



He totally deserves the condemnation coming his way, I don’t believe that time is a good enough excuse for people not to have to answer for such comments. However I do believe that people can change over such time periods, particularly if the person in question was particularly young when the offensive comments were made (he was, right?), but in order to be forgiven they must be able to demonstrate that they have sincerely changed, that they are sincerely sorry. If he is capable of doing so, then it shouldn’t be held against him forever imo. I’ve called people cunts on the internet before and I have no doubt that if I was an MP someone would dig out this and spin it as vile misogynistic language and I’d get crucified, and I’d probably think it was a little unfair if it completely destroyed my career (though I think his comments were a bit worse than that)

Guido Fawkes and similar types going after him is pure political point scoring though, because they don’t give a shit about that kind of offensive language, it’s simply not an issue they care about in the slightest unless it means they get to go after lefties. But as the paragraph above hopefully makes clear, it doesn’t mean that the point raised isn’t without merit. It just means I don’t respect them in the slightest because I know what motivates their work is not the marginalisation of disadvantaged minority groups.


Blown way out of proportion


I find that these things are typically taken out of context. For example the Clive Lewis which hunt is ridiculous. What this guy has said is however worse than Clive Lewis, but they were a while ago (I believe?) so shouldn’t really be creating the storm it has.

Besides, it’s hard to take this guys journalism serious. This really is his sort of level when it comes to investigative journalism. And as @JakeyBoy said, I’ve never noticed him to give a shit about these sort of comments in the past so it’s definitely got something to do with political point scoring.


I don’t think there can be a complaint about lying, rehearsed, upper class career politicians and then uproar that normal people occasionally act normal like Clive Lewis did, or do normal thinks like be an immature prick and think you’re being cool on twitter when they’re young like this guy or make mistakes when you go off script like Diane Abbott.

Not every MP should be someone with a completely spotless record in life, imo at least. We want these people to be normal and at the same time I think we want them to be better than us but that’s never going to be true all the time.


I remember some of the stupid shit I said when I was 23. I’m glad there was no such thing as social media.


There might be something in Sophie Evans’ recent claims about Jared


Shocker. A man was a bit of a prick when he was 23.


I read about this I feel like it’s a bunch of bs. Something you said 15years ago as a young man at a certain peroid in time is used against you. And the person that dug this up must really hate the Labour Party. It’s a total non story in my eyes