The Labour Party


Pretty much, they’re waiting in the wings for Corbyn to crash and burn for now. That’s why the likes of Burnham is going for mayor instead of being a front bencher.


What does that say about them that they feel they can’t win a leadership election against someone so terrible and bad at what he does as Corbyn?


It says that the left of the party currently controls it and aren’t concerned with who the strongest most electable candidate would be.

I wouldn’t mind Corbyn if he actually made an effort to go on news shows and campaign but he turns down interviews from both left, central and right wing shows. The reason Farage had so much traction is because he went on everything to get his message out. It’s a public relations disaster.


If he went on those news shows it would be a missive hatchet job, How many left leaning prime time TV shows actually exist let alone has he turned down an interview for?

Also is the Labour Party not supposed to repersent the left? Who is supposed to represent the left if the blairights get what they want and take labour back to the centre?


He’s turned down LBC and The Wright Stuff, both left leaning.


If I’m not mistaken Chuka is in the closet, and actually turned up to his press conference with his girlfriend. And the rumours regarding his sexuality are supposed to be about rent boys or something. Basically, it’s about his image and not his sexual preference. If true of course.

Your point about not being able to organise is a weak one. Corbyn came into his role unexpectedly with nothing in place, and has barely had time to stop since getting elected, what with the press, Brexit and the coup. Also, thinking about it reasonably, how is he any worse at organising than the right wing of the party, or May, or anyone for that matter. It’s just how its played in the media and bares no real relationship to reality. What are you suggesting he has organised poorly?

And what does, ‘they are nice but fuckwits and therefore so are his supporters’ meant to mean. As far as meaningful sentences go, that’s quite ‘fuckwit’ if you don’t mind me saying so.


Lbc the radio station that employs Nigel Farrage and Katie Hopkins? Give me a fucking break


Do most Brits find the fact that Farrage is of Huguenot descent ironic in the extreme?


The irony is somewhat lost on him and his supporters :joy:


Hugo-fuckin what mate?


Huguenot. French protestants that fled France in the 1500’s and 1600’s to escape persecution? Many to England. Most English folk with French names, such as Farrage, are descended from them.


LBC is not left leaning, there are a few lefties or left of centre presenters, such as James O’Brien, Stig Abel or Nick Abbot, but most are card carrying Tories, such as Ian Dale, Ian Collins, Clive Bull, Nick Ferrari, Andrew Pierce; not to mention slots for Katy Hopkins and Nigel Farrage. The lefties, aside from O’Brien, also get the worst time slots.


No, I know man. I was responding in a jokey tone, trying to reflect that I think most Brits wouldn’t have a clue who or what Huguenots are, especially UKIP types. According to my dad we’ve got Huguenot in our ancestry as it happens.

Wasn’t obvious I was joking to be fair.


LBC also employs James O’Brien, who is probably the most left wing commentator in the British media


You’re absolutely right that they have a spectrum and tbh I only listen to O’Brien and Ferrari. But from what I remember Corbyn turned down O’Brien, although I could be wrong on that, because I forget the details.


But to a degree it would be his sexual preference wouldn’t it? What does it matter if he visits rent boys unless they are under age?

The post I made the other night was overly insulting and one filled with drink and I’m only slightly less drunk now if I’m honest but I do apologise to people like your good self… As for Corbyn, I was filled with joy when he won and had respect for his ideals and agree with many of his stances. However he hasn’t managed to win over any of the more talented LMPs and didn’t even bring in Livingstone.

He’s ignored creating a relationship with the media and not bothered putting his message out ot the general public, that’s a serious issue.

All in all his poplarity with tj e electeroate is the lowest in decades. But his base have no issue with that.

Corbyn simply can’t win an election so that’s my issue with people voting him in. They’re essentially voting for Tory Governance by default.

And I’m someone who’d love to see a Corbyn government. Although the worry is that the average worker and small business owner would get slightly raped by Corbyn’s politics.


Are there many currently active top level heterosexual politicians who are known to have used prostitutes?


Bit of bump.

Completely trivial, watching bbc news at 10 and they show Corbyn presenting Barnier (leading the brexit negotiations for the EU) with an Arsenal shirt with Barnier’ s name on it.

What a legend, that is all :grin:


lol what on earth would possess you to try and go head to head with the country’s finest comedic mind?

Got absolutely finished :joy:


Sums up the trouble this country is in when we have him and Blair being the cheerleaders for the single market etc