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I think after Corbyn inevitably fails to get the seats at the next election someone like him could step in as the great unifier after everyone wants a “big shake up” which will mean going back to exactly how it was. It’s annoying but he’s a textbook “marketable” party leader. Handsome and well spoken but always talking about the suffering on the mean streets of Stretham so poor people can like him too. Not sure he’d be any good though but he’d definitely get votes because most people don’t actually care about politics, they just pretend they do and really just want to vote for someone they like.


Really hated when the press dubbed him the ‘British Obama’ very disrespectful tag imo


Word on the grapevine, from people I know in Labour who know journos, is that Chukka stepped out of the race, because he’s gay and the press have some dirt on him, and they were shocked he even put his name in the ring at all.

Also the grassroots hate him, so I’d be amazed if he ever won a contest. People like him can’t win anymore, unless Labour somehow manage to undo one member one vote. I’d rather drink my own piss than vote for that empty suit of a politician.


I think you’re right but I don’t know, I guess it depends who the candidates are at the time and how big the loss margin is. I think Smith made himself look like a bit of an arse through the whole campaign but he still bagged 38% of the vote. I think it could get to a point where after a huge loss a lot of people will be willing to sell out to get a win if they think someone could deliver it. I think Cameron became Tory leader in part because they were tired of losing and he could be marketed as the face of a big rebrand. Kind of like the political equivalent of hiring Mourinho because you think he might win you trophies even if he might put you to sleep :sweat_smile:


Yeah maybe, but Smiths 38% would have looked a lot more like 20% or less if new members had been allowed to vote and members hadn’t been purged. I think this is the tactic - purge, and make things so unworkable until eventually you wear members down and get what you want. If someone like Chuka wins via that route, I would never vote Labour again.


@Dr_Strangepass is right. It dosnt matter who is in charge of labour or any other party at all. General public sentiment is we’re leaving the EU and it’ll be up to the tories to see us out. Absolutely nothing more to see here.


Wish I was a mod at the Emirates so I could ban Wenger.


I feel as if Corbyn could be doing a lot more to represent the views of the 48% that voted remain. So far he (and to a lesser extent the party) hasn’t set out a clear vision for how they plan to challenege Theresa May’s vision for Brexit. Cheap rhetoric such as “The fight starts now” won’t wash me, and other remainers.

That being said, it’s a lose-lose position for Labour right now. Accepting the referendum result and challegening Theresa May is the correct approach, it’s just been a rather weak fight back.


I’m actually wondering if we might get a slightly early election because of this, once the dust has settled on Article 50 being triggered. The longer May waits the less important Brexit may become, and could, if it goes badly, make her position worse. She might want to take on Jezza while he’s still around, and while he’s still weak.


A PM with a strong majority would be foolish to call an early general election imo. regardless of the opposition currently looking pretty weak it’s just an unnecessary risk. I don’t think it will happen.


I’m not sure how likely an early one is. May will want to go into it saying she delivered Brexit and that we’ve formally left all I situations of the EU.

Also I believe the Fixed Term Parliament Act (?) Stipulates that a two thirds majority is needed to call an early election. I’m not so sure if Labour will vote in favour of one, or try and delay it if Brexit ends of chaotic (I guess I should say the extent it ends up being chaotic :joy:).


This is the trouble with Brexit. Just because you voted remain doesn’t necessarily mean you want a soft Brexit now. Plenty of remainers out there have accepted the result and their views have shifted to delivering a hard Brexit.

The whole situation is just a mess tbh.


Yeah you’re dead right. Even I find myself at times just wishing the whole process would be over. The whole Left/Right divide now has another dimension added that crosses party lines for a minority in each side.

It’s a mess that will make the 2020 elections results even more fascinating, at least from a Political Science perspective!


If she calls it early and that means she is facing Corbyn she could make her majority far larger, if she waits and faces someone with more electoral appeal who has replaced Corbyn she could end up with a smaller majority or no majority at all.

There was a point at which everyone though Gordon Brown was going to call an early election and everyone thought he’d win, things tanked big time after that and Labour have been out of government since.

Sometimes it isn’t an unnecessary risk and is actually the smart move. Not always though so I do see your point.


If true, that’s a disgrace that someone’s sexuality should see them discriminated against.

Either way old labour/left wingers need to realise that side of the party couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery. As ‘nice’ as they maybe they’re unfortunately a group of fuckwits. As by default are their supporters.


The dirt referred to doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his sexuality though.

@JakeyBoy I see your point too.


Owen smith, Angela egeal etc couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery ffs


Fair but the more competant MPs weren’t running.


Because they knew they couldn’t win?


We wont have an early general election because its a fucking stupid idea.